Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm going through a break up....

It's true. I am going through a break up. It is difficult. It is hard. It isn't easy. It's probably the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. 

I'm breaking up with sugar. 

It's evil. It sucks me into its evil world. It's causing me to drink (and eat) things that are unhealthy and I know that I know better. I know that an Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng is actually three servings. Yet I'll drink it all at once (as most people do!). Sure, each serving is probably fine, however drinking the whole can at once isn't good at all. All that sugar!?

So, I'm breaking up with sugar. I found that Nectresse is a better alternative to any other sugar substitute out there. It contains monk fruit which is safe, tastes good, and is calorie free. It's naturally sweeter than sugar so less is more with this. Unlike other sugar substitutes, this is the best (even better than Truvia!!). I plan on buying this when I go shopping in the upcoming days.

Found in Redbook September 2014 issue, with Kate Middleton on the cover, page 96. The whole page talks about all the different sweeteners.

Now. If only I could get healthy foods in my recipe book! That's my next goal. To have more healthy foods, and to try some of those protein smoothies I see people making that are yummy and healthy.

Share your favorite recipes with me! Both food for all meals, and the smoothies! Give me a link as a comment here, or post it on my Facebook page! 

Have you decided to break up with any foods?

(I was not paid to write any of this. Though I'd love to work with Nectresse, they haven't sent me or asked me for anything)

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