Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How Young is Too Young To Wear Makeup?

(makeup photo in this image is not my own)

This is a post I saw on CafeMom the other day. I'm not regularly on there, but I still receive daily emails (I swear its a great way to come up with content, I should use it more often). A mom asked when is it too young to start wearing makeup. She mentioned about how her daughter, who is 12, had a pimple that she popped (though she warned her not to) and it was a bit red and you could see it. So the mom put cover up and Bare Minerals powder over it. Nothing much at all. She also mentions her daughter isn't asking to wear makeup though she does have some for competitions (I believe dance or twirling).

That really got me thinking. My daughter is only two, but at some point she will want to wear makeup. So I got to thinking, at what age will I let her?

A lot of the comments were saying that 12 years old is a great age to start. My jaw dropped! My mom didn't let me wear makeup till I was 16. Even though I snuck makeup to school, or used my friends, I wore it occasionally around age 14. When I was 16 I started to really experiment and play with it (because I could do so at home). I was thinking I'd probably tell my daughter the same...

Then I got to thinking... What if she has acne or even just a single pimple and wants to conceal it... will I let her? Of course! I actually think that around age 12 or 13 a BB cream with sunscreen would be a great start (I use Covergirl Fresh Effects). A natural colored mascara (such as Maybelline Great Lash in brown) would also be a nice start, and something like Baby Lips for her lips. No need for actual lipstick or blush or eyeliners. Of course, I'll show her how to take care of her face, and how to properly apply makeup and remove it at night. I'll do all the things a makeup loving mama would do!

So what do you think?

How old were you when you started to wear makeup? How old will you let your daughter wear makeup (with exceptions for any dance or other competitions)?

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