Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Free Learning Apps for Toddlers & Pre-K

So I've posted about Kids Academy before, so you know I already love them. Well, they've done it again! Read below to check out which ones I'm raving about now!


ABCs Alphabet Phonic & Montessori Learn to Read App for toddlers is a fun game. This app teaches letters, numbers, and helps the kids learn to write those letters and numbers. The app has rewards for the child when they get it right and even rewards them when they've tried. It works for righties and lefties, and even provides hints if the child needs it. This app is so adorable, the visuals are fun, and my Bella can sit for hours playing.

Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games is another great game. This one also teaches spelling, writing and reading. This is perfect for her. If you've read my blog recently, I've posted about Bella needing speech therapy. At 2 years old she isn't really talking, but she'll definitely let you know what she wants. Well, this is a great app to help her learn more words. We sit down and go through it and she tries to say the words. It's absolutely adorable. This app has funny, bright and creative artwork which is something we love from all their apps. The graphics and visuals are amazing. The child can interact with the app at their own pace, and we love that.

Bingo ABCs Alphabet phonics songs with farm animals  is another one. These are all the songs you learned as a kid. I swear I don't hear those songs anymore, so it's fun to open this app and play with my daughter with it. My son will sit and sing along, and Bella just LOVES that! She dances to it. It's also quite helpful when we're going through the store and she starts to have a tantrum. I can pull out the phone and put it on. I'd much rather walk around the store with BINGO playing than her screaming. I'm sure most parents can relate. This app has a karaoke mode (fun for parents too!) and you can record your child singing! Keep it for when they're older and they hate you (I kid! Your child will always love you and will never say they hate you). LOL. Oh come on, you know you were rebellious, too! What makes you think your kid won't be at some point. ;)

All these apps are for free on iTunes. The links are all included. I love these apps, as do my toddler... Well, my 10 year old does too if I'm honest. He plays with the app with the toddler. She adores him, and that bond is amazing. So what are you waiting for? Go download it for yourself!

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