Friday, September 26, 2014

September BeautyBox5 Review

I can't say it enough. This box is by far my favorite. I love that everything is super affordable, and easily attained by visiting a local drug store or even Walmart. These items are more in my price range.

So here is what my box looked like.
It came with two samples of Natural Style by Fubu (deep conditioner and co wash), an eyeliner from Nicha K New York, nail polish, toe separators and an under eye cream from LashEm.

When I opened my box, it smelled heavily like some horrible chemical. I couldn't pinpoint it, but I don't think it should be on my nails. For that reason, I only put the nail polish on one nail to show the color. Then I immediately took it off. I mean, it smells like paint thinner. Horrible! Gave me a headache just doing one nail!

 Maybe its just me, but don't think that the polish was supposed to have spilled out of the jar... Even now, a few weeks after getting the box I can still smell it if I walk near the bottle LOL. probably will just throw it away. Did anyone else have this problem? Or just mine?

The eyeliner is amazing. It's probably my favorite item. Its a pretty gunmetal-silver color. Easy to apply, and helps make a pretty smokey eye.

The only things not pictured is the LashEm, hair conditioning samples, and toe separators. The toe separators are pretty much what you'd expect. It didn't have any, so it was perfect timing. I painted my toes with a pretty dark violet color I have. This definitely helped LOL.

The LashEm is supposed to make your under eye area appear brighter. Eh. I only used it once. I guess I should use it more than once, and maybe take some pictures before I put it to rest. I have a bad habit of not being happy with something if it doesn't work the first time. I know, I'm working on it.

I haven't yet used the conditioning samples, but am planning on it. I've just been doing my typical hair routine lately, and I know adding something else is needed. I'll Instagram about that soon

The only thing I'm fully disappointed with is that nail polish. *sigh* and I'm a sucker for a good colored nail polish.

I still 100% recommend getting this box. Feel free to click here and join me! 

You can also gift a subscription to someone! A great birthday or Christmas gift! (click here!)

If you find stuff you like in your box, you can shop for them in the BeautyBox5 shop. They have some awesome deals in there. Just watch your email after your box has arrived.

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