Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: Schwan's Online Grocery Delivery Service

I remember when I was a little kid, my grandpa would order food from Schwan's. I remember loving the food, and the ice cream was sooo yummy! So when I got the chance to review them on my blog, I jumped on it! I wanted to see if everything lived up to my memories (but I didn't order the ice cream *facepalm*).  So, read on to see what I ordered and what I thought!

I was able to order up to $50 worth of product. Originally, I thought I should use this to cover the food for my daughters 2nd birthday, but I thought it would be too far out, and didn't want to keep them waiting that long for a review. So, I ordered stuff for dinner and lunches.

I ordered:
Diced Chicken Breast Meat - perfect for chicken alfredo or chicken salad sandwiches!
Pasta Shells Stuffed with Cheese - a yummy dinner (or two!).
White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls with Sweet & Sour Sauce -  an option for lunch.
Mini Beef Pot Roast - another dinner.

So where shall we start first.... my favorite!

The egg rolls. They were everything I thought they'd be.. and more. They were bigger then I expected, and was the perfect lunch for my husband and I. They were delicious, moist, and the filling was delicious. I didn't remember to take a picture! So you'll just have to trust me that they were good. They were so good I couldn't think straight to get my brain to remember to stop and get a photo! So here's the photo from the website.
My next favorite was the pasta shells with cheese. Oh. My. They were everything and then some! The directions said to cook them 4 at a time in the oven... Shh, I cooked like 9 of them in a pan in the oven! It turned out fine. I put my own pasta sauce in the bottom of the dish (it doesn't come with any) and then placed them in, then poured the remaining sauce on top. Cooked as the directions said to, which I think was somewhere around 40 minutes. It was delicious. Even my son liked it (and he doesn't like a lot of foods).

I also tried cooking these in the microwave. The directions tell you how to, I put mine in a Tupperware type container, covered with sauce, and loosely put the lid on top. Microwave for 3 minutes, stir sauce, and put back on for 3 more minutes. It was also very good! I'm not a fan of microwaving food if there is an option for the oven (it never seems to come out the same way), but it surprised me. This would be an easy to-to lunch or dinner option. I tried to have some left overs the next day from what I made, but it wasn't as good.. I think the pasta soaked up the sauce over night, and since I didn't have anymore sauce, I couldn't add to it. I think that caused it to not come out right on day 2. Again. I forgot to take a picture! So here is the photo from the website. But I promise, it is as good as it looks! And the pasta ACTUALLY looks like that. 

Next is the diced chicken breast meat. It is not number 3 because it is bad, but it was rather good. I just liked the other two more! I used this for lunch to make chicken salad sandwiches. I cut the meat up a little more because some of the chicken was just too big for my personal liking. But it was perfect. I forgot to get almonds to put in the mix, but I have the chicken, mayo and celery. A basic chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread. This was the perfect lunch for all 4 of us!

Also with the chicken I made chicken alfredo the same night! I used a Campbells skillet sauce pack with it, and thin spaghetti (hey, its what I had around). It came out REALLY good. I cooked up the chicken in some olive oil, well, not cook but browned. Then once it was warm and somewhat brown I added the sauce, then the spaghetti (cooked). 

The last item to mention is the pot roast... *sigh*. 

It tasted like pot roast.

But it wasn't as large as I had hoped. I guess for someone living alone this would be a great option for them. Easy to make (throw entire bag into boiling water and cook), but for the price I wouldn't buy it again. I expected it to be bigger, more hearty (I think that's the word I want). 

The photos below show them in the bag and after cooking. Directions are easy enough as you can see, and with the bag still on, it looks as if its an OK size...

 But as you can see, once its on the plate its rather small. I wish my plate could give you a better perspective on it. Maybe we just eat larger portions (I really love pot roast and don't have it nearly enough), but I expected it to be a bit bigger... BUT, it was REALLY tasty! I loved the flavor, it was moist, it tasted like everything a pot roast should taste like. My ONLY complaint is that it was a bit small. And the little white things, most likely fat that was floating in the gravy LOL. We ate this with corn on the cob.

Overall, I'm really glad I got to review them. They have SO much food on the website, so you can get just about anything. They deliver right to your door. They have everything from pancakes to ice cream, savory and sweet, dinner and desert. They also offer gluten free, heart healthy, sugar free, vegetarian, low sodium and low calorie options!

Take a look at their website and what they can offer here

Have you ever ordered from Schwan's? If so, do you love it? If you haven't, check out their website, see anything you like?

I received product from the company in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.

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