Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: The Bouqs

Who doesn't love a gorgeous bouquet? To see them arrive at your door unexpectedly, and then the wonderful smell that comes after. But most flowers seem to die shortly after arriving, right? Well, that's why The Bouq's are awesome! They are delivered to you straight from them. The only middle man is the FedEx truck. Seriously. These flowers are grown on volcanoes, and then cut when you order, and sent straight to you. You may have seen them on Shark Tank... but have you ever tried them? If not, you don't know what you're missing out on.
I recently was able to receive a Bouq in exchange for this post with my honest review. So, here it is.

I received my order within 4 days. It came a day sooner than it should have. It came to me straight from Ecuador. When it came, I was excited to open it.

Here's what the box looked like when I received it. Covering my address there on the left.

And what it looked like while I was opening it.
A cute little letter letting the receiver know
that someone is sending them fabulous flowers!

The box when opened

Took the flowers out of the box
They were in two bouquets essentially. Half on one side, and half on another. I couldn't find the vase I wanted to use, assumed it must have been damaged a while back. So the vase that I did have readily wasn't wide enough to place all of them inside at once. So I had to break them up into two bouquets.

I received them on the 16th of September.

Since they were fully bloomed when I received them, I decided to wait to take photos until they bloomed! This is three days later. One half wasn't doing too well. Decided maybe its because they were originally too long for the vase they were in, maybe gravity was taking over. So I trimmed them.

The following photos are from the 19th of September.

My tall vase which isn't wide enough for all of them LOL

A view from the top - gorgeous

View from the side.

This was from my smaller vase. Some of the
flowers looked sad... but its ok, they were
still very pretty!

Overall, its now September 23rd, and they are getting ready to go to the garbage. They've lasted as long as they can (under my care at least). I made sure to put new water in, and a little of the flower food each day, too. The flower food came with the bouquets. I'm impressed. Its been about a week. I'm in love.

One of my favorite part of the company is that you can set up concierge services. Basically, put in anniversaries, birthdays, etc, and they'll automatically ship them out to the person so they receive them at work or at home that day. Its cheaper to set that up, too! I'm not sure if they charge you when they go out, or if they charge up front. I think they wait till they go out, and they send you a reminder email shortly before, but that is something I'll have to look into as I want to do this for my mom and mother in law. These would be great for birthdays and Mother's Day.

Interested in getting your own? Click the image below to get your own or send it to someone special in your life.

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