Friday, September 26, 2014

September Birchbox Review

I was moderately happy with my Birchbox this month. The one thing that I really like and wanted to buy was just far too costly for my budget (that'll be listed below, you'll know which one). I love the colorful box, and I hope this is a trend that stays! I've been storing photos in these boxes, and colorful is much prettier than the standard brown! Keep it up Birchbox!

The one thing I never got an answer on was this... it says turn over to find out how to win a box or something... I turn over, and nothing! LOL. No answer from Birchbox, though I tagged them on Instagram. Anyone want to fill me in? Probably too late anyways. *shrugs*

 This is probably my favorite. Its nail polish remover cloths. The best part-- it doesn't smell like nail polish remover... at all.. Its perfumed. I swear, I would wear the scent if it was in a bottle. I liked it a lot. It worked well on the yellow nail polish from my previous post. I only wish more came in the pack to sample! I'm sure one little towelette wouldn't work on all my fingers or all my toes. This is $12 for a pack of $10. I think I'd pay that. LOL. 
Ruffian Dressing Room Perfumed Nail Lacquer Remover Towelette.

The Ruffian Nail Lacquer in naked is such a pretty color. I'm glad they gave me this nude color. I didn't have a color that comes close to this, and I've been wanting a good one. It is perfect. Easy to apply. Two coats does the trick. Its $10 per bottle.
Pixi by Petra Breath of Fresh Air lip balm set. The set is exclusive to BirchBox. I have the pinkest of the bunch (not its actual name). The dark pink on the left is the one I have. It definitely shows on the lips, and so application should be light, as it won't be subtle. The names of the four ar Honey Nectar, Ripe Raspberry, Natural Rose, and Comfort Clear. Pretty sure I can tell which one I have! lol.
$28 for the set. I'm on the fence. I think I'll see how much they are at Target.
Rituals Foaming Shower Gel in Zensation. I LOVE it. I will seriously pay the $15 for it. It lathers so nicely, smells amazing, and makes my skin feel absolutely wonderful. It has rice milk in it, and maybe that is what does the magic.. But it is some kind of wonderful.

Jouer Anti-Blemish Matte Primer. I haven't had a chance to try it yet (I've been obsessing over POREfessional from Benefit). I hope this lives up to its name and hype. At $38 for 1oz, it better be worth it! In my budget, not sure.. But look at how small of a sample I have (photos of box at top). its tiny. Not sure its enough to really get a good test out of...

And finally... Mereadesso All In One Moisturizer. I REALLY like it. It made my face feel amazing. However.. Travel size is $28.. full size...... $120. I know, pick your jaw off the ground. I can't believe it either. Definitely not in my budget at all anytime soon. And if I buy it, it better last a few months!

If you're interested in joining, or shopping, you can sign up here... They have subscriptions for men too. These also make great gifts for the holidays! Gift someone a subscription! 

Wonder what I'll get next month!?

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