Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Crazy Weather in Arizona Monday

I don't know if we made the news anywhere (but I'm sure we did). Arizona turned into a giant mess Monday morning. Literally, the freeways were flooded over. So much rain fell, most areas cancelled school (including my sons school)! We made up for our drought within a few hours, and even surpassed our average monsoon rain totals.

One of my favorite pictures was of people in an ARC on the freeway (couldn't find it to post it). On the news they showed people riding in the flood waters in their canoes!

The photo above is the freeway I-10. The water came out of no where, and started washing cars to the areas that were filled with more water. And there were people who were rescued and had to ride on top of an ADOT (or DPS maybe) SUV. They couldn't open the door of the SUV because it was so flooded and the water was rushing, that they had to just ride on top and hang on. Insane!

If you aren't aware, its from the hurricane down near Mexico. It's pushing all this rain up here.

Honestly. I love it. I didn't have to drive in any of it, so I was watching the news and sleeping while it went on. lol

It started raining by me at around 3am, then continued on till sometime around 9am. It was insane.

Arizona quickly became the joke of many photos, and while it is funny (I laughed at quite a few), its a serious situation. Currently, an area near my moms work in Mesa is under evacuation orders as the transformer is under water and they can't cut the power. Many people here don't have flood insurance because 1) they aren't in flood zones, and 2) you'd never think in a million years you'd need it in Arizona!

We do also have a stupid motorist law that basically states if you're stupid enough to drive through a flooded street and you need rescuing, you'll be paying for it. However, those who were swept away, or were not purposefully driving into flooded areas won't be paying for it. People just don't seem to care though. They think "oh it's not that deep" and drive, then their car stalls and they get swept away.

You can see a slideshow of all the photos sent into the local news station here.

Of course you can always check out ABC15 or FOX10

If you ever visit Arizona, please do a little research on monsoon storms here. The rains, the haboobs/dust storms, and our stupid motorist law.

I should note, this is a once in a lifetime event! I doubt we'll ever see this again any time soon.

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