Friday, September 5, 2014

Baby Got Moves (and a giveaway!)

If you're a parent, you know this one universal truth...

A dry baby = a happy baby AND a happy baby = a happy family

Isn't that the truth?! I know Bella hates wearing diapers for too long once wet. She cries, throws a fit and lets us know that she isn't happy. She will also get a diaper now if we ask her to! Its adorable (she'll be two on September 13). 

When baby wakes up dry, its party time! Seriously, dance and have fun and love the fact that you don't have to take the sheets off the bed and wet clothes off the baby to do even more laundry then you probably already have to do. I LOVE to wake up and see that shes not wet (we've had some of those mornings). Its almost as nice as her smiling when we open the door.
Pampers is asking parents to celebrate and show off their baby's morning dance routine by uploading videos to Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #BabyGotMoves. Uploaded videos will have the chance to appear in a shareable compilation video created by Pampers at the close of the campaign. If you share on Facebook, be sure to share directly to the Pampers page, or make that post public so that way the hashtag can be seen. No one can see any hashtag you use on Instagram OR Facebook is your page(s) is set to private! Keep that in mind!

Bella wouldn't let me get videos of her dancing, so I got some photos.. 

She was dancing on the stairs here... Acting silly wearing sunglasses upside down LOL (sorry for the blurry pic, I had to zoom in to get it!)

She danced in the car to some music

I tried to get her while dancing on my bed after a bath one night... 

Of course none of the times I tried to get her dancing did I think fast enough to start the camera! *sigh* I'm going to have to keep working on that! lol.  I've gotta get into stealth mode and sneak the camera when she dances again, and crosses fingers I can do that today and then add it to the post! Just follow me on Instagram to see what I can get of her!

Upload a photo of YOUR child dancing to their favorite music or song and use the hashtag #BabyGotMoves!

(book not pictured, Bella was playing with it)
****Share this pic on Instagram as an entry for giveaway****
So, DoubleDutyDivas and Pampers are the ones sponsoring this campaign. I was so happy to be chosen into this one. They sent me the following: 
·      Homedics Jam Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
·      Baby Einstein Octoplush
·      Bright Starts Pretty In Pink Get Movin' Music Player
·      The Baby Hustle: An Interactive Book with Wiggles and Giggles!
·      Pampers Sensitive Wipes

·      Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

They also sent me a $50 AMEX gift card (envelope in the front) as a thank you for helping.

 Bella loves books, and loved that Octopus toy. Each tentacle says the color and object on each one. It also sings songs!

That little speaker is pretty awesome. Its louder than the ones my father in law has for his iPad, and I thought those were loud. This speaker will get the party started! It connects via Bluetooth, so you can talk on the phone using it! I took it with me to Vegas for my birthday, and it was an easy way to talk on the phone while trying to get ready. It charges easily by plugging into a USB port on your computer (or you can plug into the wall charger part of your phone charger if your cord can disconnect from it!).

How awesome is that?! And guess what? YOU'RE GOING TO GET ONE, TOO! Well, you have to enter and hopefully you'll be chosen to get one! See the form below to enter.
There is only ONE mandatory entry, and that to comment on this post (but you still have to check it off on the entry form). Comment and let me know what your child's favorite song or music to dance to. Like I said, my Bella loves Disney Jr (the Sherrif Callie theme song, and the song that mentions most of the characters and says something like "come on get up and dance to the music"..)

So.. For the fun part.....

The giveaway!!!

One winner will win one of everything (except the AMEX gift card). You will receive the speaker, book, octopus, baby music player, a pack of diapers and a pack of wipes! A retail value of about $100! This is a great and fun prize :)

So, remember to comment for the only mandatory entry. The rest of the entries are all optional, so don't feel overwhelmed or that you have to do them all!

Giveaway is for adults 18+ and in the US only. Winner will have 24 hours to reply to the email notifying them that they have won. If the winner does not reply, I will choose a new winner. My Totally Random Life is not the one shipping the prize and is not held liable for any damages, late deliveries, etc. Winner will be announced on September 13, 2014.

This post is sponsored by Pampers and Double Duty Divas. I received compensation in the form of products and gift card. Everything posted is in my own words.

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