Friday, August 15, 2014

Sheer Cover Studio Makeup Review (Plus A Chance to Win A Years Supply!)

When I got the chance to review Sheer Cover Studio Makeup, I was on the fence about whether or not I liked it. But figured it was worth it because maybe it'd change my mind.... and it did! I've never been a believer of mineral makeup. Any of the brands that I've tried have always felt heavy and I felt like I was wearing too much. Thankfully, with this brand its all very lightweight, blends easily and I felt great!

The best part of this makeup for me, is that it contains 100% minerals, soothing botanicals and antioxidant green tea. It is non-comedogenic so it doesn't clog pores (a big plus)! It doesn't contain fillers, preservatives or chemicals. It also has no binders, talk mineral oil, silicone or dyes. It is allergy tested, dermatologist tested, sensitive skin tested, sweat proof and lasts all day. It has Trueshade Technology that automatically adjusts to the exact color of your skin. I know a lot of brands claim that, but this one really works!

This is made by the same people who brought you ProActive - Gunthy | Renker. They've helped a lot of people with their face products (I know people who it actually worked for), so clearly they'd make the jump to makeup. It just makes sense!

I can attest that it is sweat proof. We went out today (getting some of the free things that I've been emailed for my birthday which is on August 27), and one of the places is Westgate, which is also where the University of Phoenix Stadium is, and where the Superbowl will be held in February 2015. Its basically an outside mall over there, and its hot out! So of course I sweat a little on my forehead. I didn't notice a big difference after wiping my forehead. I expected my makeup to have clearly left a line where the sweat was, and I didn't see one! I don't know how they did it, but they did!

So here is what I received.
 I received four brushes; a kabuki (short round), foundation brush (large circle), blush brush (angled)  and concealer brush (long skinny one).
I received the Base Perfecting Primer, Conceal & Brighten Trio, Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation, Sun Kissed Bronzing Minerals, Lengthening Mascara & Lash Extending Fibers.

Here is a close up of the fiber brush.

It's actually really cool. You simply apply the mascara, then apply the fibers to the lashes, then coat again with mascara. You get the most amazing results. Here are mine!
You can clearly see the long lashes on the left side, and the very short stubs that I naturally have. I've never worn false eyelashes before (OK, at my wedding they were applied, but they were light and you couldn't really tell), but this is just incredible!!!!

Here is my before and after makeup application
Can you see this amazing difference?! I see even skin tone, my pores look smaller, the mascara opens my eyes and makes them look amazing! (I'm wearing my own lip liner from Nyx and Baby Lips nude shade here). I just feel amazing. I am so excited to wear this every time I wear makeup! 

It was super simple to apply. I didn't like using the concealer brush (didn't get the results *I* like), so I used it to apply the concealer to my face. I used a combination of dots on the areas that didn't need a lot, and lines where it needed some help, then used a makeup sponge to easily blend. It was super easy to blend, it matched to my skin tone easily, no hard work involved! I'm so thrilled. 

I'll have to get a clearer photo next time, so be sure to check my Instagram for those!

Sheer Cover has linked up with Modern Mom to giveaway a years supply to 10 winners! 

So what do you think? Are you going to enter? Have you ever used a makeup like this before? Share your thoughts with me in the comments! And don't forget to follow me on your fave social media!

Brooke Burke is the spokeswoman 

I received the products mentioned for free in exchange for my honest review. The opinions posted are 100% my own.

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