Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: Firmoo Glasses

So we all know that there are a gajillion places to go online to order a pair of prescription glasses and/or sunglasses. Whether you want a backup pair, or you broke yours and its going to cost too much through your insurance. In any case, you know of some of the most popular places online to get glasses.

I was approached by Firmoo to receive a pair of their glasses and review them on my blog. I chose to get RX sunglasses because in the Arizona sun, not wearing sunglasses is like suicide, its killer on the eyes. I was told by my eye doc that because of how light my eyes are, they are really sensitive to light (well, duh, I could have told you that). When I walk outside, I have to keep my head down to avoid the sun! Its insane. I don't even have blue eyes. Just a light green with hint of grey.

Read on to see what I chose and how I look!

So I chose these.
I added tint to them to make them sunglasses for me. I bought another pair from a different company recently, but they feel too small for my face and I don't like the shape of them. So this way was my chance to redeem myself. I could get a pair that I really like and that are nice and wide. According to the pictures, these should be nice and big on my face. 

But I guess I just have a wide face LOL. They look small on me, just like the others. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to wear them. I just wished they were wider!

Here is me wearing them...

I guess in photos they look alright.. But when I look at them I see that my face is too wide for them.. do you see that, too? Or is it just me? Probably just me.

Here is me with my regular glasses on (through my insurance/eye doc).
You see how wide they are? That's how big I thought these sunglasses would be. In any case, I'll probably order a pair of aviator or wide glasses and see if I can't hit a home run.  :)  I've found some that are wider that would be really good for me for both a backup pair of glasses and an RX Sunglasses.

All in all, it was easy to place the order and put in my prescription information. If you don't know your prescription, you can call your eye doc and get your most recent RX.

They ship from China, but they got here pretty quickly. Within about a weeks time. I was pleasantly surprised. I order many things on Amazon that come from China and they usually take 3 weeks to get to me. But these came a lot quicker than expected.

The glasses came in a cute case that looks like an antique world map and included a cleaning cloth. 

(excuse the random colors on my desk... my son played with my white out and then decided to color it in LOL. Thankfully its a cheapo TV Table that I use for my laptop when I don't want to be at my desk)

All in all, I recommend Firmoo. Just make sure to measure your face and to see where the glasses will sit on your face. Especially if you're picky like I am. 

Do you wear glasses? Have you ever purchased sunglasses or a backup pair from one of these sites? Which site did you use? Do you love them? Would you wear any from Firmoo? Comment below and let me know! 

*I received these glasses free of charge in exchange for my honest review. My opinion is 100% my own!*

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