Monday, August 18, 2014

Pre-k and Kinder Learning Apps for Free!

I love finding apps for my little one, she will be TWO next month! I can't believe how time flies. I want to make sure we get a head start on her learning, so that way she's ready for school when its time. It's never too early to start learning. So that's why I love finding these apps and being able to review, and share them with you! I've written about Kids Academy Apps before, and here are three more for you! Best part of all, they are all free!

Learn to Read & Write Kid Puzzles features Montessori worksheets for kids for free. So not only will your kid learn to write, but it will also help develop good handwriting skills. This app features two levels of difficulty, tracing levels with hints, writing letters independently, kids even get stars for their performance. The graphics are vibrant and beautiful. Even though Bella is too young to really understand what she is doing, she still really enjoys the app, and one day she'll know all this, and I'll need to find ways to challenge her further. 

The Preschool and Kindergarten learning app is a great one too. With this one the child can develop spelling, writing, and reading skills with fun interactive games. The graphics are bright and visually appealing, nice and smooth. The curriculum is developed and reviewed by a preschool education expert. The animations will help your child learn numbers and their sequence, and has animated flashcards to teach your kids letters and words. And SO much more. This app is really great. Bella loves the colors and characters. The animations are fun! 

And finally, Kids Puzzles Preschool Math Games. With this one, kids learn 123 tracing with paint sparkles and My First Coloring Book HD. This one has to be my favorite. The fireflies are SO cute, the colors, graphics, everything about it is done so perfectly. This app teaches fundamental math concepts that are critical for preschoolers. This includes identifying numbers, one-to-one number correspondence, reading number symbols, etc. Hints are given to the child as the practice and build their math skills. Now, while Bella is almost 2, and not quite ready for this, she LOVES the fireflies. She tries to trace, and tries to play along. One day (hopefully soon) this will be perfectly teaching her all that she needs to know before school! 

Technology these days! I had none of this when Eric was a preschooler. I think that times have changed so much in the past ten years alone. Its incredible all the technology and advancements we have. Don't you agree?

So tell me... have you used any apps to help your kid be prepared for preschool or kinder? What apps have you used? Please share them in the comments!

I was provided compensation for providing my honest review and sharing the apps with my readers. This has not my affected my opinion at all. Any opinion expressed is 100% my own. Te links to the apps take you directly to iTunes. They are NOT affiliate links. 

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