Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Earn Money With Your Smart Phone...part 2

So I've posted recently about ways to make money on your smartphone.  

Well, I'm back with more ways to make money on your phone.

I'm giving two of my faves, and then a few extra!

Read on to see everything!

You've heard of Nielsen before because they are the ones who bloggers post about them sending out home scanners to scan your groceries each time you shop. These are also the TV people who rate TV shows based on viewers.

You can download the app on your phone and they basically track what you do on your phone. Don't worry, it's not as creepy as it sounds. They are just seeing how often people go online, play games, etc and what times of the day. They don't actually see your personal info and I've never had a problem with them.

You get an email once a month once your points balance has updated. You can then log in and check it out. I am currently trying to save for a big purchase. I found the more active I am on my phone the more points I get.

I've cashed out quite a bit with them in the past two years.
(click to make it bigger)
 It's easy to sign up. Simply download the app. Last time I checked they didn't offer it to iPhone users - but I could be wrong. They could have updated. BUT - you can only have one devise per account.
Download on Google Play here.

Then with Media Insiders its pretty much the same thing. Except you can have a few devises on it. It will listen into what you're watching on TV every now and then and you won't notice. You can also download and use it on your computer .... well, you don't "use" it, it just runs in the background and never bothers you.

It gives you your points weekly. It used to give you Tango cards monthly but then decided the point system works better. Occasionally they will send out a survey that will pay out in a Tango card within a week or so after the survey closes (after they get X number of replies). You can save those up and cash out later on, or use them immediately for Amazon, Target, etc. I've saved those for a while, but lately I've just been putting them on Amazon (no minimum amount needed on Tango for an Amazon card). Tango will email you the gift card in most cases.

Now, Media Insiders uses the point system, and it updates weekly. I currently have enough to get about $15 in rewards. I want to wait just a little longer... In about a month or so I can cash out for $25 - maybe sooner. Definitely worth the download.

To sign up you have to visit the website then you can click the links from the website to download in iTunes, Google Play or download for the computer.
Visit the site here.

Other apps I use include...
(this are all on Google Play, I am not sure if they are on iOS)

Jingit. Its been around for a while. It used to have its own prepaid debit card that you could transfer your earnings on. They've recently changed the format. They have a website that came first. Sign up there then download the app. Sign up here.

Foap: sell photos from your phone to those who want or need to use them for their websites. I've uploaded quite a few - find me, my user name is jentyree!

iPoll: They have a website as well as an app that earns you money while you're out and about. I've cashed out here. Check them out on Google Play. Sign up on the website first and get a $5 bonus!

JD Power Surveys: I'm close to cashing out. Surveys aren't very often but when they do come I get a notification. Some of them are time sensitive, so if you want too long it may be gone.

CheckPoints:  Use bonus code jentyree to get some extra points upon sign up. You earn points for doing a variety of things... These points are redeemable for all kinds of stuff.

Gigwalk: shows local jobs in your area. Can vary from taking photos of local establishments for sites like Bing, or doing quick audits.

Easy Shift: this one is similar to Gigwalk. It says get paid to explore your city, and it really does have you explore if you aren't familiar and want to go out and do all you can. 

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