Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Diamondbacks vs Pirates Baseball Game; Courtesy of Helpful Valley Honda Guys!

This weekend was crazy for me!

So first of all, the Helpful Valley Honda Dealers, aka the Guys in Blue, sent me two tickets to the Diamondback vs Pirates game on Friday, August 1, 2014. My son was so excited to go! As was I, its been a while since I had been to a baseball game. Now that we're on the west side, we can't take the light rail like we could from the east valley. I hate driving downtown Phoenix, and it was a Friday night of all nights, so there was traffic. But we took Grand ave all the way from Peoria to downtown Phoenix with little issue. *hooray! a victory!*
 "The Valley Honda Dealers brought their “Helpful Honda” campaign to Chase Field with Helpful Honda Fridays at home games throughout the 2014 season.  The Guys in Blue greet fans along the plaza with game day essentials, such as personal misters, water, and sunscreen. They surprise them with $20 D-bucks gift cards and some lucky Honda owners receive seat upgrades to enjoy the game from a luxury suite, complete with free food and drinks. In addition, the first 50 Honda cars to park at the Chase Field Garage on Helpful Honda Fridays receive free parking. The Guys in Blue also lead D-backs fans in the singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th Inning stretch. Game-goers can also stop by the Chase Field Rotunda to view the latest Honda vehicle on display. The D-backs and Valley Honda Dealers want to be as helpful as possible to fans, and therefore have teamed up to answer any questions fans may have at Valley Honda Guest Relations, located at sections 128 and 322 at Chase Field. "

We paid in advance for parking that was just under $5 via Park Whiz - which is a steal for how close to the stadium it is! Same price as two all day bus/light rail passes, which was great. Since we've always taken the light rail to the games previously, it was interesting to enter through the main entrance. Usually, we would enter closer to where the light rail lets off, but the main entrance was pretty cool. There was this cool looking contraction that we'd never seen before. Eric was so mesmerized by it. 
Here is what it looks like during the daytime....

But this is what it looks like at night!! So cool!

Eric poses with Mickey Mouse before we try to find the seats.

 Eric met one of the over-sized bobble head guys! (please don't ask the name of the player, I really don't know!)

 How great are these seats?! So cool! There were a few foul balls that were not too far from us!

 He was so excited.

Another view from our seats. The dugout is at the bottom of the rows. It isn't as far back as it looks. I've never been in the stadium with the roof closed! It was pretty cool. And we were right under a vent for the AC, I was happy for that LOL

Another look at the seats, this is zoomed in a bit, but is closer to how it looked. 

Zooming in on players.

Batter up!

 Baxter, the mascot, came over and sprayed the rows next to us with silly string! Eric REALLY wanted to meet him, but we never did. He was sad, he was trying to flag him over to us, literally just feet away! Maybe next time we'll get there super early to meet him and take pics.

We were really having fun... Of course at this point we were winning lol

The bobbles have their race! LOL Eric was cheering them on! This pic Eric took with my phone, an LG G2. He zoomed in to get it.

This is the pic I took with my camera.

Got a great shot of the pitcher! 

It was around this point that I tweeted that I hadn't seen any of the Guys in Blue. 

Then they tweeted me back instantly!

I had NO idea there was a kids area! So we made our way up there. 

Along the way, Eric met Superman! This dude really looked the part. 

We made it to the upper level, and OMG the view is insane! I love it!

 So when we got up to the third floor, I saw some blue shirts... and they started singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, but Eric just *had* to go to this batting thing. 

 This guy was pitching to the kids.

Eric was up at bat! He actually hit one.

After he was done batting, I turned around.... and all the guys in blue were gone. :(  Didn't see them at all the rest of the game, so assuming after that they had all left, or was where I wasn't LOL.

So, Eric found a perfect opportunity for a pic..  a large piggy bank!

Baxters clubhouse. 

 More of this amazing view from the 3rd level.

 Up on the third concourse is Bobby Freeman. He plays the organ to get the crowd going. Eric was just so interested in everything he was doing. He gave Eric (and all the other kids who stopped by) a signed photo. 
 We told my mother in law about that the next day, and she said they've been trying to get him to play at her church which is down the road (First Institutional Baptist Church). So Bobby, if you're reading, go visit them!

 Eric talking to him and asking lots of questions. 

Then we decided to leave before the 9th inning was done. We were losing by like 5, so I was ready to go, and I was so ready for bed!
Eric posed some more before leaving - a cactus and Statue of Liberty donned in DBacks colors!

We had such a fun time, and I'm glad they asked us to go! While I've never owned a Honda (currently own a Ford), these Guys in Blue and all their commercials make me want to make the switch. Maybe after my car is paid, I'll take a look at what's available! 

So what do you think? Have you seen the Guys in Blue commercials? I know here in the Phoenix area the Random Acts of Helpfulness commercials are on the TV on just about every channel, and I've even heard them on the radio! We like to listen to 92.3 KTAR and I've heard the radio ads on there. 

Check out the Valley Honda Dealers website and follow them on Twitter.

Did you go to the game? Have you been to one recently?

*I was compensated with two free tickets to the game on August 1, 2014 in exchange for my post.*

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