Monday, August 11, 2014

Back To School

You can probably hear all the moms jumping for joy, raising a glass and planning mommy lunch dates! My husband and I are excited to do our lunch dates again (even though the littlest one will be coming with). We can get some extra sleep in the mornings after my son goes to school before Bella wakes up.

Oh wait, not everyone does? We do. 

As much as I love my son, I LOVE school. He can get out of the house and learn something rather than run around mindlessly outside. I get some peace and quiet and some alone time with Bella who turns two next month. I get some of that much needed time to read with her, play with her, get her mind going, and try to get her to talk! 

She doesn't talk quite yet. Makes all kinds of noises, and says things like "hey" and can generally get us to understand what she wants. But she doesn't say as much as an almost 24 month old should... I'm a bit worried. But I may be overreacting. We'll see when she has her well child next month.

Back to Eric. 
See, what most people don't know is that we have a hard time with him. He fights with us. He steals from us. He has stolen from the store. He is difficult, talks back, has an attitude. 

He is only 10. 

I don't get it. I don't understand why he acts the way he does towards us. He is hurtful, and sometimes downright hateful towards us. I don't share this very often because its embarrassing, shameful, and I just don't want people to know how much we struggle with him.

He has ADHD and an autism disorder called PDD (pervasive development disorder). He's also got a mood disorder. 

I'm constantly struggling with him. To find balance. To find the much needed peace. I've cried myself to sleep many times. I'm in a few groups on Facebook with parents whose kids have similar issues. However, I can't seem to find anyone with answers. 

Eric has been in an IOP (intensive outpatient program) after school, he has had a behavior coach that hasn't helped. Now we are trying therapy to see if that does anything. But I'm just so frustrated! I feel like there isn't enough support... or answers... 

Should I contact an organization like SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center), or should I just wait and see what happens with this therapist?

I'm just so frustrated. 

Which is why I'm happy its back to school. He starts today (August 11, 2014). I'm happy to have a little break. I'm happy to have a little peace in the house.

I need suggestions, help, answers, resources. 

I'm just lost as to what my options are. He is 10 years old, more than halfway to an adult. He doesn't act like a 10 year old. He acts more like he is 6 or 7, which hurts my heart (hard to make friends his age).

When do your kids go back to school?
Have you been in a similar situation with your kids as I am? How did you get past it? How did you help your kid get past this rough patch? How can I get some help???

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