Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Arizona Cardinals Fan Fest 2014

So this past Saturday while Eric was away with his grandma at a water park, my husband, Bella and I went to the Arizona Cardinals Fan Fest (August 2, 2014). It was our first time going, and the Cards second year practicing in their stadium here in Glendale. 

I didn't think Bella would make it very long. She is almost 2, and I know how she can get. Now, I didn't realize I could take a stroller, sippy cups, diaper bags, etc. I figured since it was in the stadium that the NFL rules regarding bags and their sizes was in place. 

Apparently I was wrong. 

It would have been nice if that would have been somewhere online! If it was, I never found it.

Anyways. So despite the fact that we didn't have her stroller, cup, or anything really, she did pretty good. We walked around the whole concourse, took pictures. We found some seats and sat for a little while, too. She wasn't too fond of that at all!

In case anyone's wondering, she doesn't have Cardinals clothing for the warm weather. She does have cold weather gear that she can wear this year. But for today, she wore this:

I wish Eric was with us though, he would have loved some of the stuff. They had an obstacle course for kids, face painting, and balloon animals. Those were all free. We didn't do any with Bella. She was cranky, and lines were long. But it was a great experience. Since the pre-season is about to start, I don't think we'll make it back to another practice, but we are hoping to make it to a few game this year. At least two, or at least that's our goal.  

I took a lot of pictures, so here they are!

More than 20K fans showed up! 

Team practicing

 Me and Bella take a selfie!

More of the team.

Bella was kinda chill for a little bit. But didn't really want her pic taken. 

Then she threw a fit, so we walked around. We ended up above the Red Zone. It was weird not seeing the bleachers below it! But its a great view. 


#HoneyBadger   :P

Fitzgerald... But I got him in such an awkward pic.. He's all swinging his hair like,
"Oh em gee. They totally want my autograph"
OK. Maybe not. But the commentary in my head always says funny stuff.

Big Red was signing autographs for a bunch of disabled people. I think if we got there sooner we may have seen him up on the concourse and got a pic... One day we will!

Team huddles after a good practice.

And off to sign autographs to the fans waiting in the seats!

 I wanted a pic of Bella against this, but she didn't want to smile... so it looks like a baby mugshot. 

We tried to take a selfie together... Bella wasn't having it. LOL

Fitz after practice throwing the ball around a bit. 

 And when I said Bella wouldn't last long, I wasn't lying! She was out!

It should be noted that the NFL nor the Arizona Cardinals paid me or asked to me write this post. I'm doing so because I love the team, had a great time at Fan Fest, and if you haven't been you should make it to either a practice, or next years Fan Fest!

Did you go this year? Did you get an autograph? That's my goal for next year!

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