Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Makeup by One Direction + Giveaway!

I received Makeup by One Direction for free in exchange for my honest review. 

I never thought I'd even want to try Makeup by One Direction.. Or anything from them. Yea, their music is catchy, but I'm 27 soon to be 28 and shouldn't be into these items that are targeted towards teens! However, I saw online a few teasers about the makeup, and honesty, makeup is makeup, no matter whose name is attached!

And to be honest... the makeup surprised me! The colors are great, the texture is nice, and I'm overall pretty happy. So happy that once the makeup is for sale, I'd consider going out and buying the other two sets!

There will be three sets in all. I received Up All Night. 

The Looks Collection are three keepsake tins inspired by One Directions's albums, Up All Night, Take Me Home and Midnight Memories. The tin is limited edition, and is a keepsake. The line will be available world wide, however they are starting with the US (dates and locations listed at the bottom of post).
This makeup could even be a decent starter kit for the teenager in your home who has been dying to wear makeup. The tin shows looks that a teen can wear without being too much or over the top. I'd let my daughter use this has her first starter kit... But she is only two years old at the moment. LOL

This is what the tin looks like. 
  The sleeve with the image of the band actually comes off, and you have this cute tin. My hand is placed on it so you can see how large the tin is. 

 This is with the tin open. On the left you can see there are some directions on how to create a few looks using the products, and on the right are all the products. 

The nail polish is such a pretty color, and a cute little bottle. The color is called "Na Na Na" and is an aqua blue color.
 This is only two coats on my nail. I would probably add another coat. It's so pretty! It dried pretty quickly, too.

 Each tin come with a 5 piece decorator stencil set. You can use these to decorate yourself or your items! The kit comes with an eye crayon which doubles as a body crayon. You could also use markers or whatever you wanted to use the stencils on your stuff (books, etc).

 Here are the stencils that came in mine. Not sure if all kits are the same. 

  The mascara is called "Little Black Dress" and is a voluminous mascara. It's not too bad at all. Will work when your fave regular mascara runs out, in between bottles, or to keep in your purse for quick touch-ups. 

 The lip color is one of my faves. It's SO pink. It's name is "I Should Have Kissed You". It looks great by itself.... or with the included lip gloss over it (see below).
 Here is a swatch of the lipstick on my hand. The lighting made it really hard to get a great pic lol.

Here is the lipgloss! Its called "Taken" and is a liquilights glow gloss. Its pink with glitter and even glows under UV light! I like it by itself, but paired with the lipstick its great. 

 Here is the swatch on my hand, you can see the lip gloss overlapping the lipstick and then by itself underneath. And there is a pic of it on me (please ignore the ugly zit on my forehead, it is now gone LOL).

The eye shadows are really pretty. The description say it's a 4+1 Eye Shadow Palette in playful blues and versatile neutrals. Starting on the top left: More Than This (soft blushing pink), Save You Tonight (Shimmering Turquoise blue), Gotta Be You (silvered taupe shimmer), Another World (royal blue shimmer). In the center is Up All Night which is a sapphire glitter creme. I really love these colors, and the looks the case shows, its really easy for just about anyone to achieve. 

 This is the eye and body crayon. Its called "Stand Up" and is a dark denim color. Easily goes on and looks great on my eyes! You can see a swatch of it on my hand there. Stands out beautifully. 

Just an overall view in my living room lighting, which is horrible by the way. 

You can take out the black thing that the makeup is sitting in, and use the tin as storage for other makeup as well, or use it as a memorabilia tin, etc. There are quite a few uses for the tin. 

Like I said, I was pretty surprised at the quality of the makeup. Even if you aren't a fan, this makeup is really nice and the colors are great. I plan on buying the other two kits when they come out. They are all limited edition by the way. 

The release dates for these kits are as follows: 
Macy's - August 11
Stage Stores - August 25
Dillard's - August 25
Beauty Brands - Aug 25
Lord and Taylor - August 25

International release dates are TBD.

The retail value on these kits I've heard will be $29. A small amount for the big One Direction fan in your life :) Perfect gift for birthday, back to school or an early start on Christmas.

And finally, the giveaway! 
50 winners will be chosen at random to win a kit of their own!
Click below to enter! Good luck!

*This giveaway is not held by My Totally Random Life. I/we are not liable for prizes. Please read the official rules and terms on the giveaway page for more information. Thanks!

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