Thursday, July 17, 2014

Love Your Ordinary.

I had to think for a moment what my ordinary would be. 

Love your ordinary.

My ordinary is my kids, my day to day life... my husband, my family, etc. My ordinary is quite boring (when thinking of my day to day life). I really don't have a life. I really stay home all day, and only go out for errands, doctor appointments, etc. 

Love my ordinary. 

Is this asking me to love MY life, and not envy the fabulous lives of others? Not to envy those who go out clubbing every weekend, those who have a large circle of friends around them, etc? If that's the case. Then I have to admit, I've been envious of those who seem to have such a fabulous fun filled life. 

Then I realize, I have a great life! I have a wonderful husband, who I can admit may annoy me at time (who doesn't get tired of their husband every now and then LOL), and my kids are wonderful, even if my son doesn't listen. Even though my son doesn't show appreciation for anything, he does make me smile, as does my daughter. I have to admit, I'm blessed. I have a great family, and the friends I do have I enjoy. I enjoy the moments we have. 

We just got back from Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Its better known as Rocky Point. It was only about a 4 or so hour drive from the Phoenix area. It was a gorgeous trip. We went with my in-laws and a group of people they know (we know them, too and hang out with them at events throughout the year). We had such a great time. A lot of memories on camera, and many more off camera. I seriously thought that I would have pictures of everything, but I had so much fun with the kids that I forgot about taking pics. I made such wonderful memories with them. I even got stung by a blue jelly fish in the ocean... But I'm glad it was me and not my kids! If it was my son he would have not gotten back in the water. While we were there, he had his 10th birthday! What 10 year old has their 10th birthday in Mexico! My son does apparently. So many fun memories. 

So while my life may seem boring, or ordinary to some, I'll love my ordinary. I like my mostly quiet life. No drama (except my sons drama LOL) and for the most part uneventful. But its our ordinary life, and I kinda love it. 

I'm writing this as part of the Third Thursday Blog Hop with Hearts At Home.

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