Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Great Deal for Baby Wipes

I recently bought baby wipes from Amazon. Its a 504 pack of Huggies Wipes. 
It's basically 3 big refill bags. 
I paid about $10 with tax/shipping.
Which is great when you consider that these big refill bags are like $6 or more at some stores. 
At Safeway here in Arizona, they are on sale for $5 each every now and then for $5 Friday.  
So 3 of them for the cost of two is a GREAT deal. 

For a 504 count, its $10.97. If you subscribe and save the price drops to $10.42.
If you have Amazon mom you save even more, because the price goes down to $8.78 (plus tax/shipping). Again, mine came out right around $10. And you can select how often you get them. You can select to get it every 2, 3 4 or however many months. I chose 3, hoping that one will last me that long. If it doesn't I can just go adjust it to get it sooner.
If you have Amazon mom you save even more, because the price goes down to $8.78 (plus tax/shipping). 

This is such a great deal. Get it while it lasts, I'm not sure how long this price will be up for.

Now, I need to find something similar for diapers! Little Movers Slip Ons from Huggies in size 4 is what I need! Let me know if you find some at a great deal!

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