Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash on your Phone!

If you know me, then you know I'm all about making money. 
I have apps that make me money. 
I mystery shop and do audits. 

So why not share a bit of my secrets?! Well, they aren't really secrets. But you'd be surprised that not everyone knows about them! 

So let me tell you a bit about what I like to use to make some extra money :)

A great way to make money on what you would normally buy anyways. Simply check out the app while making your shopping list, then after you buy it, upload the receipt. Most of the cash is added to your account within 24 hours, but I've never waited more than a few hours at most. They've recently added restaurants, movies, alcohol and even online shopping to their list! I definitely recommend that you check them out! Here is a screen shot of my earnings on iBotta (most were earned within a couple weeks). You can cash out via PayPal, get iTunes gift cards, Starbucks, and more. You only need $5 to cash out. I've got a lifetime reward amount of $25 (how much I've cashed out total), and currently have $6 that I'm saving.  Available for Android and iOS.

Checkout 51
Similar to iBotta, but it doesn't care what store you bought it from. It lists a bunch of items, you buy then upload the receipt. Its pretty simple. Avaiable on iOS and Android.
Checkout 51 Offers

Similar to iBotta and Checkout 51 - except that it doesn't care what you buy. Simply upload grocery receipt to the app and get coins. You get the coins and can cash them in when you have enough. Rewards include cash for PayPal and Amazon Gift cards. Available on both iOS and Android. You can see by my screen shot that I haven't used it in a while. My little piggy is hungry... I probably should feed it!

It's different from the rest in that it actually places ads on your phone.. Now, before you mark it off, listen to me. The only time you'll see an ad is when you wake your phone from sleep mode. So basically, every time you go to look at your phone and press the power button, home button, or whatever you do to wake up your phone (I knock twice, I have the LG G2) you'll see an ad. Simply slide to one side to look at the ad if it interests you, or slide the other way to go to your phone. No matter what, you get paid the same amount, whether you view the ad or not! I've tried other apps like this, but the dollar amount never moved! No matter how often I looked at my phone (and for me its quite a bit). The app updates every day at 7pm eastern, and so far within 24 hrs I made $0.09. May not sound like a lot, but it can slowly add up. Of course you can make more with other apps and not look at ads, but some people may enjoy this.

Field Agent
I've talked about this before. There isn't a referral link, simply download and see what's in your area. Last time I talked about this app it was only for iOS, finally they opened it up for Android, too. It's essentially mystery shopping. Find a job in your area, read the instructions and do it. It will tell you what to do, what photos you'll need. Just make sure you follow all directions, if not, you won't be paid. Some of these pay quite a bit, so its well worth it. Available on Android and iOS.

Similar to field agent, except this doesn't ask as many questions. Simple jobs like going into McD and buying a happy meal will earn you 500 points, which equals $5. So it can seriously add up! Use my referral code and I'll earn 300 points!  When you download and create your account, use referral code DKMV to credit me! Available on Android, not sure about iOS.

So what's you're favorite app to earn money on? Is it listed? If not, share in the comments!

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