Monday, June 30, 2014

Review: Wantable June 2014 Box

I received a Wantable box in exchange for my honest opinion. 
But I've received one before (last year, you can see that post here), and I fell in love. Unlike Birchbox and some other boxes, this one doesn't give samples. This subscription box gives out full sized products. Not itty bitty one time use samples.

I love getting makeup in the mail - even though I'm in Arizona. If I let it sit in the mailbox too long it starts to melt. So I stalk my mailman. And I made sure to get it at the usual time that she comes. Thankfully, nothing was melted (I wish the mailboxes were inside a building with AC or something LOL).


Here is what I got in my June box. 

Let's break down the box!

 This fun red lip color is by Mirabella, and its called Fever. Its a perfect name for this shade. Its actually the perfect shade for my lips. It has a blue undertone that matches my light skin perfectly. Its really smooth, and really nice. It glides beautifully, doesn't bleed, and I am pretty sure my husband likes it, too. This lipstick will be put to good use. 
Retail cost: $22

 Next is Vincent Longo Pressed Powder in Golden Banana #2. It's actually a bit light for my skin tone (my fault, I've actually gotten tan from swimming, so a lot of my stuff has gotten to be too light for me right now). But this is been nice to place lightly under my eyes to help me appear more awake. This powder blends into foundation really nicely, and you can't really tell that I'm wearing. Now, if I wore it all over my face you probably would. But when the tan goes away, I should be able to wear it no problem. 
Retail cost: $28

 Oh how I love this nail polish. Its part of the Spellbound line from Liberty Republic. Its a gorgeous fuchsia color. One coat is fine, but two coats is great. Goes on smoothly, and is the perfect pop of color for the summer!
Retail cost: $14

 Finally, we have Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cream Blush & Pressed Powder Sparklicity Duo. The color I got is Coral Cameo. The blush is the pink, and its a really nice shade. I rubbed my middle finger in it, and then dabbed it on the apples of my cheeks. Then I used my ring finger to blend. It gave just enough pink to my cheeks, but not too much so that I looked like a doll (or a clown). I've never really used a cream blush before, and I think I really like it! The bronze sparkles on the side is sparkles to place on top of the blush. I used a brush to do so. It looked wonderful! I enjoyed it so much, I actually forgot to take a pic! But, next time I wear it, I'll post it on my Instagram (so follow me!)
Retail cost: $28

You can see, if I purchased everything individually, it would have cost me $92!!! 
The box has a subscription cost of $36 a month. Or you can buy a one time box for $40. 

I'm always impressed with this box. Not only do they have makeup, but also an accessories and an intimates box. So if you don't want makeup, you can get something you DO like! With all of the boxes, you take a personality quiz. This will ask you what you like and don't like. It will help them personalize your box for you. I don't think they ever send out two of the same boxes (if they do, I haven't seen it! LOL). 

So, are you going to subscribe? Let me know!

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