Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Terrible Two's ... and some worries.

We are encountering the terrible two's. She is only 20 months. She is already showing that attitude that girls are supposedly known to have. She throws that attitude out like we throw out garbage. If she isn't happy, she lets you know.
 She really is a diva.

I don't remember this with my son. Then again, I was a working mom when he was around this age, so maybe he was but I didn't see it because he threw that attitude to whoever he was with at that time (my sister, my mom, daycare)? 
He is so grown up now! He will be 10 this year!

It's frustrating. but at the same time, interesting. She isn't very verbal - at least not in the "she speaks 20 words like the rest of the kids her age" verbal. She lets us know when she is happy, she lets us know when she is mad, sad, angry, hungry, needs changing, needs a cuddle, etc. She lets us know everything, but it isn't verbal. She says baba for bottle. That's about it. She'll say mama and dada when she wants to. I know I shouldn't be over thinking it. But I am. I'm wondering if she is going to be on the autism spectrum like Eric. Or if she will have some other disorder. Will she have to endure all the hardships Eric has had to, and still does, endure? I don't want that for her... or any child. 
Bella and Eric. He is 9, she is 18 months in the photo.

Eric and Bella. I love that they aren't
even look at the camera.

So at her 2 year appointment (in September), we will find out. The doctor wants to wait till then, because some kids are just late talkers. But if she isn't, then what? Do we get a diagnosis, or label, of at risk for autism? I know that will get her some extra services like speech. And I know that kids who get speech therapy early on have a better shot. Maybe that's what she needs? Maybe I'm just overthinking everything and freaking out for nothing. 

Back to the terrible twos. 
I'm actually kind of nervous. 
Are girls really that difficult?
Are girls really monsters like everyone makes them out to be?
Or is that just what people say? 

I guess we will find out soon enough.

These photos were done at JCP in March 2014. All images (C) Jennifer Tyree/My Totally Random Life

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