Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life Changes...

I've needed to make a life change for a while. And I've tried here and there from time to time. Most of the time with no results. When I try something and it has no results, that's when I give up. I don't want to continue it any more, knowing that since nothing has changed,  nothing probably never will. 

Example. Diets. They never seem to work the way you see people on TV or online say it works. Of course, they were probably paid to say so. Or they did some drastic stuff while they were doing the diet and that helped them more than anything. 

Well, I've gained like 15 lbs in a short period of time. I'm bigger now than I've ever been in my life. I don't like it. I don't like what I see when I look at myself. I don't like that I'm 27 and I feel much older. I feel like I should have a ton of stuff wrong with me, to explain why I can't seem to loose weight, but nothing is wrong. 

Cholesterol is fine. 
Not diabetic, not even borderline.
Thyroid is fine.
Heart is fine. 
Everything is freaking fine. Normal. Nothing wrong. 

So why can't I loose weight? The only time recently that I've lose weight was when I was pregnant. I miraculously managed to loose something like 15 lbs, and then was still 1 lb smaller than I was when I got pregnant with her. Which was pretty cool. Who knew pregnancy = the best diet ever?! 

Then I had her, and lost around 10 or so more pounds. Without even trying.

I'm just tired of not being able to buy the cute clothes. I'm tired of $45 bras. I'm tired of feeling like crap for no reason.
So,  I bought a workout DVD to work out from home. I figure Eric can do this with me, too. He loves it. Its a dance workout. It should be fun. 

So this is my new journey. I'm really gonna try to do this. And try to eat better. Send me recipes! No fish - I don't do fish. We love chicken and pasta. So any healthy recipes you have around those two -- Oh, and if I can make it in the crock pot, even better! Also, I need affordable! We like to keep our grocery budget low, as we don't want to waste or buy something just to have it sit in the cupboard or fridge for too long and end up expiring. So share with me your recipes! Send them to me on Pinterest, link them in comments, or even comment on my Facebook page

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