Tuesday, May 20, 2014

AMEX BlueBird – Prepaid acct w/Checks!

I have a Bluebird account, and so far I love it. I get real checks that I can use to pay rent with. Simply authorize the check before hand, and it sets the money aside so that way when I give the check to my landlord, it is there and comes out as fast as a debit! This ensures I never spend more than I have, even with checks. It also comes with a debit/AMEX card that can be used anywhere AMEX is accepted.
Best of all, there are NO FEES!
No monthly fees!
No transaction fees!
No overdraft fees!
No minimum balance required!
They even have an app to allow you to easily keep track of all your spending. You can set up a savings account (set aside) or you can create sub accounts for your spouse, or kids! Pay your kids allowance with their card!
Sign up for this account now!
(you cannot have an AMEX Serve account – if you do, you must close it and wait a few weeks)


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