Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Review of JustFab

You've seen the ads all over everywhere. The shoes and handbags, they look fabulous. You've seen the commercials of women going crazy how every fabulous shoe is only $39.95. So, I gave in. I decided to buy. I fully knew that once I ordered I would need to go back each month and decide whether or not to purchase for that month, or it would automatically charge my card. I know what kind of shoes I like (wedges) and I knew which ones I wanted to buy. 

Then I got the email I've been waiting for - first pair free! Bingo! See, I've had my account for a while. But decided not to buy till I got a great deal. With this first pair free deal, I felt like it was a great way to try out the shoes, without really paying a hefty fee. 

I chose Whytley
(Photo Credit: JustFab)
Then I saw La Rochelle
(Photo Credit: JustFab)

I bought both.

I was so excited to have them come. Now, I was a bit worried about the fit. I have wide feet, but I fit a size 11 in just about every other brand of shoes and heels. So I figured this should be just fine. I tracked the shipping as soon as I got the tracking numbers. I marked my calendar to make sure that I knew when it would be here. When they arrived I was ecstatic! 

I threw open the box, and pulled out the tissue paper and only took out one shoe. I didn't want to take them both out if they didn't fit. So I tried one of Whytley on....

I didn't fit. Well, let me explain. It fit my foot fine. But I could not get the strap to fit properly. My foot was too big. Such a shame. The shoes were way too cute, and probably the highest wedge I've ever had. Once I realized these didn't fit, I knew it was a long shot for La Rochelle to fit. But I tried it anyways. If the strap was an inch longer it would have fit. 

So I had to send them back. This was super easy. I called the customer service number (which is open 24/7) and told them the problem. They also have a chat option for customer service, but I found they were not helpful at all. The customer service reps on the phone were super friendly and helpful. I let them know that I wanted to exchange the shoe for another. I ended up exchanging the shoes for wedges that had tie up straps. 

Freesia - JustFab

These shoes fit well, and the straps fit around my ankles with tons to spare. 

I set up my other shoe to exchange for a handbag. But by time they received my exchange, the bag was sold out in the color I wanted. So I called and asked for Legacy.
Legacy - JustFab
I really like this bag. I can use it for business or personal use. It can fit quite a bit - including large planners, folders or more. It does not have a shoulder or cross body strap, it is only the hand straps, but that is fine. I especially love the strap in the front that I can put my keys on while I'm out - I hate digging in my bag for my keys and this purse seriously has saved my life a few times already!

I had another account with JustFab (apparently I registered with both at some point in time) and on that one I ordered a shoe called Breeze.

I had high hopes for this one since it went around the ankle like that. It looked like it could work. But it didn't. So it ended up being exchanged for a pair similar to Freesia. This pair is called Atwater.
Now these ones are similar to Freesia. They tie around the ankle and fit well that way. The only thing is, the ties aren't "loose" to tie. They are set so that you slip your foot into the ties, and then adjust tightness. Well, that didn't work for me. So I tried to pull the straps out -but they wouldn't because of the gold tips on the ties. I cut those off, and used these like Freesia and just tie them freely around my ankle. That works perfectly for me. 

All in all, I like the shoes. I just wish that I could order with confidence from JustFab. If you have smaller feet, you won't have anything to worry about. But if you're like me, and you're plus size and have wide feet, you may be limited. But the handbags are to die for. I want to order the London Bridge clutch-its so freaking cute. If you want to sign up, click any of the links or images and it will take you to sign up. 

FYI: I was NOT paid or compensated in any way for this post. I purchased the items with my own money, and wrote this review because I wanted to share my experience. If you click any of the links and sign up, it will credit me with referrals, allowing me to earn free handbags (or shoes)! So please do! When you sign up you'll get $20 off your first order! That's 50%!

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