Thursday, March 13, 2014

Target - Not a Fan of Curves

I used to love Target.

Mainly because I loved the dresses they had in the plus size department. Yes, I said plus size. I am curvy. Voluptuous. Fabulous. And like most plus sized gals, I like to look good in my clothes.

I didn't know for the longest time that I had the option to get clothes at Target in my size. It was a random shopping experience that I discovered it. I can't remember why I was there, but I had a gift card. So I went. I was a die-hard Walmart fan. Love Walmart because I can get everything in one stop. Always thought Target was over priced.

Well, with that gift card I walked around for a bit. Then eventually noticed a plus size sign hanging from the ceiling. I was excited to look. And to my surprise, there was some really cute things there! Particularly the dresses. In recent years I've come to really enjoy dresses, where in my younger years I was not one to ever be caught in one.

Once I realized Target had some cute clothes in my size, we would get Target gift cards from our local grocery store (in an effort to earn more gas rewards!) and go get me a dress or two every now and then. I also started paying attention to their ads and their deals. Eventually signing up for newsletters, mobile coupons, downloading the app and then the Cartwheel app when it came out, and paying attention to deals to get the most bang for my buck, whether it was clothes or not.

But lately, it seems Target doesn't want anything to do with my money. Not just mine, but all plus size women's money. As a group, us curvy chicks spend a lot on clothes - and we're willing to pay it, especially if its fashionable.

Not too long ago (maybe a year or so ago), Target had a scandal from a dress in the plus size section that was called Manatee Grey. While it may have been the shade of grey that the manatee is, it was inappropriate to call it that for a plus size dress - while an almost exact copy of that dress in the juniors section was appropriately named a "pretty" sounding grey. Target apologized and changed the name of the garment.

Then all was well in the world again. 

Till I tried to go shopping for a cute dress for my anniversary date. Didn't want anything fancy or too expensive, since we were just going to Texas Roadhouse. But I wanted something new, and cute. So we went to Target. The first one we went to didn't have anything. Instead, all there was in the plus size section was a ton of clearance racks. Up on the ceiling where the sign would normally hang it no longer said Plus Size - just said Women's. So we left and went to another Target (which was really out of the way of our shopping trip that day). On top of needing to go to two different Target stores, we were also shopping with our kids (9 years, and 18 months). Not the easiest or best time to shop!

Anyways, we get to that second store, and I am seriously doubting any curvy love. I didn't see any sign hanging back where the plus size section would normally be. We get back there, and nothing. Just clearance racks - and none of them had plus sizes. So I see a lady working in the dressing room area. So I ask her what's going on.

She said that when they were sent the plans for the clothing, plus was NOT on it. She said they told the stores that they were re-working or re-designing the line, and that they would have some clothing at the end of Feb. But this was March 6 or so, and there was still nothing. She said all they sent was this sign which was hanging on the wall near the dressing room. It just says that they are re-designing the line and it will be coming soon.

The section where Plus Sizes USED to be. Now are full of
clearance racks for juniors sizes.

Well what good does that do? 

So I complained on Facebook on Targets page. Their reply:
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.Target will continue to offer plus styles in our stores and online. New styles will be available soon. In the meantime, check out our selection on

Um. No. Your online selection sucks. It was always lacking - far more lacking than the store. Plus ordering online for us curvy girls isn't preferred because every designer makes their clothing somewhat different. What I may be in one brand may be different for another. And on top of that - we don't get refunded any shipping charges if we do need to return or exchange it.

When people contact them via email, they send back a simple copy and paste message:

THEN - just a few days after I realize this plus size crap happening, we find out that their online people did some horrible photoshop on a girls inner thigh. They are not only making us curvy girls feel horrible - but also trying to make skinny girls feel bad they don't have some thigh gap that NO ONE has. Ok, so some people may have it - but the majority of folks do not have it - nor should someone strive to have that gap.
Target Photohop Mishaps.

Not only that, but they are photoshopping out ribs and hips, making already thin arms appear thinner and longer (unnaturally thinner and longer). What are you telling our girls?! I have a daughter who one day I will have to explain to her that THIS is not healthy. That she should love the curves that she may or may not have. She should love her body. I shouldn't have to fight with what media thinks is "sexy" when it really isn't!

Curves are sexy!

I'm so disappointed in Target. The plus line better be freaking awesome in order to make up for it. Its a sad day when Walmarts plus size is better than Targets! Granted - Walmarts website has a line from Moda for plus size that is really awesome! They should carry those in store. Walmart you may be next on this chopping block. The two near me have been shrinking their plus departments. They have dresses out for Juniors - but none for women/plus size that would normally be out by now. I'm in Arizona - and its set to be in the 90s soon! I need some summer clothes already!

And sure, I can go to Lane Bryant, or a multitude of online websites. Lane Bryant is so far over priced that for the average person its too much. I can't justify $45+ for ONE pair of jeans - and that's not just LB, that's pretty much everyone. That's why we like stores like Target and Walmart for everyday items because $20 is a much better price for jeans.

If you, too, are fed up with Target and how they seem to be targeting us plus women - come join this Facebook group "Target"ing Plus Size Women

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