Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Victoria Jackson "No Makeup" Makeup

I received the product mentioned below in return for my honest opinion. 

I received a Victoria Jackson "No Makeup" Makeup foundation to try and review. The one I was sent had two colors, it is the foundation duo. This way, you can blend until you achieve the right color for your skin tone. It retails for $29.95. There are three shades available, a light, medium and dark. Basically, you choose one of the three shades, and each one comes with a light and dark shade, when combined it should be easy to match to your skin. I chose the light, because I am light skinned, I am not a medium - not that I know of. But according to this, maybe I should have gotten a medium. The light is for fair/ivory, medium is for light-medium to beige that become tan in the sun (I burn!), tan is for olive and golden while dark is for deep, rich skin tones and for women with darker complexions. According to this, I believe I would be light, because I burn in the sun, then eventually it tans. Mostly, I turn red - especially in my face.

Let's start with the pros.
  • You can blend and achieve the color you want
  • It works well for concealing under eye circles
  • Allows you to get the ideal coverage without adding layers
    ---These are the pros from the website.

My review.
It didn't blend for me. I thought it would be perfect for contouring, and that it would allow me to contour like the pros... Well... No. So then I washed it off and then decided to put it on, a little on the light side, a little on the darker side, trying to blend it... Well, it didn't blend into my skin. It sat on my skin. And no matter how much I put on, I looked ridiculous. I looked like a two year old playing in her mommy's makeup, or that I was prepping for Halloween (it was so light!). So I added more of the darker side, because it was too light, and it just got worse. And worse... And worse. It didn't seem to matter how much I blended, or if I used my fingers, vs the sponge it came with or the foundation brush I own... Nothing worked! I looked crazy! I can't stress this enough. I looked insane.. So maybe I needed the next shade up, maybe that would have worked. But according to the description of it on the website, the light would have been my color. So, IF I decide to drop $30 on a foundation, I could try the medium duo, but I don't know if I would drop $30, not knowing if it would work.  

I rarely wear foundation, I stopped wearing it as often as I had before, because it was just clogging my pores. Recently, I discovered BB Cream, and wear that when I need some coverage. Otherwise, I don't really use much. Now that it is winter, I may re-introduce it into my makeup routine. 

So, for me, the cons were: 
  • Did not blend smoothly
  • Sat on the skin, rather than soaking into the skin
  • Was not the right color duo, even though it should be
I am disappointed, but again, it may just be that I had the wrong color duo. 

Should you decide to check it out, you should visit them at

Are you planning on getting one? If so, which shade do you think you are? When you get it, let me know if you were correct, or if you had similar issues to mine.

Before posting this, I let Victoria Jackson know that it wasn't blending and not the right shade. She suggested I go up to medium. So I gave it a try. Still not right. Maybe my skin tone just isn't one that can be used with this brand - or I'm using it 100% wrong (I doubt its the latter). I will try again in a few days, maybe I can use it to contour a little. I've never contoured before, but hey, it may work. Maybe a combo of the two different compacts - some light, some medium, maybe that will work? I'll update you when I know. Here are some pics of the medium on my hand (my face is a little red and dry at the moment from rubbing my eyes because of my allergies).

Just the light shade
(no flash)
Just the light color from
Medium compact (Flash)
Using both shades
(no flash)
Using flash after blending
both shades in Medium

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