Friday, January 17, 2014

Review: Me-ify Potty Star App

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The Me-ify Potty Star App (for iPhone) is a cute app that will aid in potty training your child. The app features a personalized eBook starring your potty training child, 5 interactive potty games, 5 original potty songs, star rewards chart (which is reusable) and helpful potty training tips.

This app was developed with parenting expert Julie A. Ross, and the creators of PBS KIDS preschool television hits Super Why! and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

You can create a personalized cartoon avatar of your child. Choose from 5 skin tones, 4 eye colors, 2 pairs of glasses, 8 boy and 8 girl hair styles, 8 t-shirts, and 8 star freckles. You can even record your child's name so that in the book it is YOUR voice saying your child's name. Otherwise, you can choose a generic name in the app, (such as Campbell).

This app is so cute. It allows you to choose what you call poo and pee, you can choose tinkle, pee pee, poo, etc. You can also choose what you call body parts. You can choose words like vagina, penis, or go with a fun name. For me, personally, I want my daughter to know she has a vagina, not a va-jay-jay or some other silly word. But each parent is different, and I don't knock those who use fun names.

Your child's story character gets their own potty!

At this point you (or your child) helps the character
get on the potty in the app!

I think it is also a great learning app as it shows the child their parts. Rather than a photo that looks like Barbie (where parts aren't realistic at all), this app will say, "(child's name) has a vagina" so that she knows what it is, and what it looks like (not all into details, but like from the outside, something kids would understand). I didn't go through the boy since I only have a girl getting ready to potty train, but I'm sure it is similar. You learn about the body parts and what they do.

Once the character successfully uses the potty,
she gets big girl undies!
I love how you start the story in diapers, but by the end she gets big girl undies (or panties, or underwear, whatever you want to call them!).

The photos here are from my phone while using the app.

I think its a great app. My daughter, currently 16 months, loves watching the story. She isn't potty training yet, but she will be very soon! This is a great app, I think every potty training parent should at least check it out.

You can purchase it on iTunes.
Check out their website for more info.
Check out YouTube for a video of the app in use.

Will you try it out? What do you think?

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