Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions

So I haven't posted for a while. Its been busy with the holidays. But I'm here now :)

So, it's 2014. Many people are making resolutions. This is probably a big time of year for the gyms and fitness centers. Probably are getting a ton of new memberships sold. But will all those new memberships stay active? Or will most of them stop coming in a month or so? This is exactly why I do not make resolutions. There are too final. I mean, it even sounds final. So I make goals.

My goals are often attainable, and aren't only related to myself. Usually they are family oriented. This year though, my goals are related to my blog, and myself mostly. My goals are:

  • Blog more often - something I've said I'm going to do a dozen times. This time though, I really am. 
  • Update blog - this will be me updating to self hosted. I plan to do this in April. I will update to WordPress and pay for a years worth of hosting. 
  • Take time for myself - I want to be able to relax more often. Take breathers and time to myself. 
These are my goals, for now. I will probably add to the goals as I go. I don't think my husband made a goal or a resolution. If he has, he hadn't shared it with me.

So, what is your goal or resolution for the new year? Do you make these every year? Are they always the same? Do you ever fulfil your goals or resolutions? Share with me!

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