Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spotlight: Teagime - Weekly Tea Delivery Service

Teagime is short for tea regime, which is a weekly tea service. This tea is said to help your body detox and lose excess weight. Granted, this company is located in the UK, and so prices and studies that they mention are specific to the UK, this actually sounds pretty good.

They offer three teas for every day. A morning tea, afternoon tea and an evening tea. Teagime teas help to metabolize excess fat and “can do wonders” for your detox and weight loss goals. Of course, you should have moderate exerice and a balanced diet to go along with this, as with any other weight loss product.

The company is not quite ready to deliver, and they need some help. They have a campaign on Indigogo, which is a crowd funding website. They need help to get their product made and shipped. They offer perks for your donations. A simple $5 (in UK dollars) donation will get you a sampler pack, $10 (UK dollars) gets you a week supply of Teagime. The perks go all the way up to $1k (UK) where you get lifetime supply of Teagime.

If you check them out on Indigogo, you can find out more about their product, their claims and what they plan to do with the money – if you choose to help and donate.

Teagime was made out of the idea that there needs to be a healthy alternative to soft drinks. Apparently, a UK Soft Drinks Report for 2013 stated that an average person in the UK drank 227 liters of the stuff (doesn’t specify if it is per day or year, etc). As many know, soda increases your risk of heart disease and high cholesterol. They decided to look for alternatives that are healthier. They found there was nothing available on the market. But they did find that some herbs and teas have synergistic and nourishing properties when taken together. So that is how they came up with Teagime.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out their campaign on Indigogo.

Now, being that they are in the UK, I’m not sure what their standards are as far as the FDA and the claims they make. You should make sure you do your own research before trying any product, including speaking to your doctor about the ingredients used, and if anything may interact with any current medications.

What do you think? It seems worthwhile, I’m contemplating donating the $5 to sample it and see if it at least tastes good. I just don’t know how I would make the tea – as they aren’t bagged. It is loose leaf tea, and I’m not familiar with it. Will you try it? Let me know!

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*While all thoughts are my own, I was paid to feature this company/campaign by the owners of the company, Teagime.

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