Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: eMeals + Discount Code

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I already used meal planning when it came to my grocery shopping list and budget. I recently was given a subscription to eMeals, which makes the meal planning easy for you. I have heard of eMeals before. Dave Ramsey, financial guru, recommends this, because it helps you cut down on waste (leftovers) and gives you an affordable menu plan for the upcoming week. You choose your menu style, your family size, and a store you shop at regularly. Every week it will email you with a new menu plan, recipes for main and side dishes, directions, as well as a grocery list WITH prices. It states that it gives coupons as well, but I haven't seen any.  All the ingredients you buy for the week will be used in multiple recipes, so there won't be any waste left over. For example, you need 1/4 onion for one recipe, but the rest of the onion goes bad because you don't need it again. With eMeals, they help prevent that.

eMeals saves the average customer about $1,000 a year because of the smart meal planning and the coupons. Even if you already coupon, this can help you a bit more. It also introduces recipes that you may not have had before, or have always wanted to try.
Sample of a meal.

  • The shopping list.  That is a great benefit for many people. I know there are a lot of people who just go to the store and buy a bunch of whatever they want. But that isn't very cost effective, and at the end of the month you realize you spent $700 and got nothing to show for it except the same ol' same ol'. 
  • Menu planning. This is also great for those who hasn't really been much of a cooker. The recipes are so easy to understand, that even people who barely can only cook ramen can understand. This is also very helpful if you have a large family to feed. Trying to figure out portions can be hard, but the great thing about eMeals, is that it figures that for you!
  • Options. You have many menu options to choose from. Everything from classic, slow cooker, paleo, clean eating, low carb, low fat, natural & organic, simple gourmet, gluten free, Mediterranean, portion control and vegetarian. So many options! You can also add on lunch menus and even breakfast menus to your plan (for extra of course). 

You can go to the site and check out some of the sample menus. But I have a preview of some of my menu. Currently, I have the Classic with Safeway as my store.
My plan on my home page.

One of the recipes on my plan. Simple enough!

Part of this weeks list. You can see the total for all it says I need to buy.

  • Grocery list too expensive. In my house, we have two adults, one picky 9 year old, and a 14 month old. But because I'm afraid that the 2 servings menu would be too little food, I chose the next one up, which jumps to 3-5 servings. I wish it would let you choose how many toddlers, adults, children, teens, etc, that way it can make a better menu. I don't need such a large menu. We typically spend about $50-$70 a week in groceries in our house. We price match, use coupons, etc. Since I chose Safeway as my store, it only shows me Safeways prices, which may not be the cheapest. I wish it would compare prices at a few other stores before finalizing my list. 
  • Not very kid friendly. As I mentioned earlier, my 9 yr old is a picky eater. Super picky. He won't eat a beef and bean chili. While I will, my husband will and the toddler will, he won't. So those nights, the recipe doesn't need to be as big, as I won't need a serving for him. That night, he will either have chicken nuggets, kid cuisine, or even a quesadilla (his favorite).

Other than those two complaints, I don't really have any bad things to say about it. I find that I can choose my plan whenever I want (but I think that changes the date it gets sent to me too.. I wish I could coordinate that with the day we get paid/go shopping). I haven't had a chance to do any recipes out of my menu plans, but I had already shopped before I joined. So I am waiting till this week when I can start having fun. I think I am going to change my menu to Simple Gourmet. It looks like a fun one for us. 

Another great feature, with the holidays coming up, you can get some great holiday recipes! You can choose from Classic, Clean Eating or Paleo. This can help you come up with a dish for someone who may have food sensitivities, or if you just want to try something new this holiday season. It's a great idea, I certainly will introduce it to ours. Here is a recipe for a Paleo Roast Turkey for Thanksgiving

Choosing a Holiday Plan.

You can get 35% off if you join now. Simply enter code cyber35. Why wait till after the holidays, you need to start saving now!
You can find other users and other great tips by checking out their Pinterest boards, too!

Do you plan on joining? What are you most excited about?
Are you already a member? What do you love most about it? Share with me!

I was provided a free year of eMeals thanks to Markerly.com. All opinions are of my own.

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