Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dr. Scholls For Her Cozy Cushions

So if you knew me in person, you would know that I love slippers. And not just any slippers, I like the Perry the Platypus slippers or any other fun character, but I really, really love my cozy slippers. You know, the ones that look like Uggs. Oh yea. I love those (and I try not to wear them out too much, since they are slippers, not actual boots).

Well, not too long ago, I bought a really comfy pair from Walmart. Then I got my RoseVoxBox from Influenster. In it, was Dr. Scholls for Her Cozy Cushions. They are inserts for your favorite boots, slippers, shoes, etc. I decided I could NOT put them in actual boots, or sneakers. I HAD to put them in my slippers! Make them go from warm and cozy, to EXTRA warm and EXTRA cozy.

Ok. I'm in Arizona, and I don't need warm yet. But I will! It will get cold! I promise you. Our night time temps now are in the 50s, this week we are gonna be in the 70s to high 60s, and it will only get colder. Sometime around January it gets the coldest. Yes, even us in the Phoenix area get frost on our cars, frost on the grass, we can see our breath. But I will admit, it is nothing like back home in Ohio! Whew!

These cozy cushions are just so warm and fuzzy! They are really keeping my feet warm at night. I just love them. They come in a large size, so they will fit anyone. You simply look at the back and cut it down to the size you need, then slip it in your shoes. Its even labeled so you know which is left and which is right!

Thank you Influenster for my complimentary pair. The review posted is 100% my opinion, and was not influenced by me getting these for free.

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