Friday, November 1, 2013

Creative Physics Program Review

Creative Physics 5.0 is a Windows based program (for Win XP up to Win 8). Creative Physics is an educational software app that helps physics students learn physics in a way that is more fun and interactive.

Creative Physics is made by Stewart Software out of Baton Rouge, LA. Now, while it is a physics software, it doesn't mean that regular, non-physics students can't play with it a little. Us non-technical people can use it for fun, or make designs, even though it isn't the intended purpose.

This app is targeted towards high school students and their teachers, especially integrated into the coursework. More specifically, the makers of the app are targeting college and grad students to be used in physics labs in college.

Some features:
  • The app is free to download and use for 15 days. Now, that isn't 15 days in a row, but rather 15 unique usage days. You can skip days in the program, and it won't count unless you use it that day.
  • It is 3D
  • The price of Creative Physics is less than the leading competitor
  • Older versions of Creative Physics were used in the 80's and 90's in many university level physics labs around the USA and the world. It was showcased at the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) meetings at that time.
  • Since it is a small program, it won't suck up your computers resources and can run with very little RAM.

Stewart Software plans to help the community by donating their program to schools in areas of poverty to help advance the educational needs of children and students. They are also constantly upgrading the product and are working on some video tutorials and a workbook to go along with the experiments.

Besides physics, you can use this program with astronomy, Earth Science, vector addition, geometry,trigonometry, calculus. Mechanical engineers can use this software.

It is considered a STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Math) educational software. This software is great for college students who are taking Earth Science or Astronomy to learn the planets of the solar system, and the constellations in the correct manner, as taught in typical courses.

Overall, even though I personally do not have a need for this program, it is fun, and I can see this being used by high school and college students. It is very educational, and for me it was pretty fun to play around with. I'll give it a 5/5.

You can check out the software by going to

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