Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Doutbing Dasha iPhone App

Doubting Dasha is an iPhone app for kids. It is a story app in which the kids can read along, have the story read to them or read by themselves. You can also have a the parent (or grandparents) record their voice reading the app to them.

This story is kind of dark and gothic, but it isn't too "dark" for kids. Dasha must save her village in a race against time. Along the way she must confront the dark forest which is rumored to have giants, wolves, witches and other monsters. She must show that she is courageous.

Throughout the story, you can tap on an item or a character to discover more about the character or the story. We love this app. I enjoy any app that gets my son excited about reading! That never happens, and he just isn't into reading like I was as a kid.

The illustrations and graphics are pretty amazing, and even on my iPhone its clear and there are't any problems. This app also works on the iPad, so it may be more fun on the iPad. Apps that promote learning, and problem solving are great. This app also has riddles throughout that allows you to help Dasha save her village. The app has 5 stars from the reviewers, and I can see why.

Doubting Dasha only costs $0.99, and its a great deal. Get it for your iPhone or iPad here.

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