Saturday, September 28, 2013


Recently I was offered to review this prepaid card from Card.Com. I said sure, why not. The best part about this card, that allows it to stand out from other prepaid cards, is the choices of cards! OMG, you can choose from many categories such as hipster, fashion, comics, flags, causes, etc.
Autism cause. One close to my heart.
This card is not unlike the Walmart prepaid card. This one is free to use as there aren't any transaction fees.
Carebears, a favorite of my childhood.

Some pros about the card: 
  • No enrollment fee.
  • No card activation fee
  • No inactivity fee
  • No POS (point of service) transaction fees
  • Free direct deposit
  • Free customer service (unlike some other companies who charge)
  • Free app to view balance
  • Free to order, activate and load
  • No overdraft fees, as it will never let you spend more than you have
  • Free card to card transfers, any time, anywhere, in seconds
  • 24/7 support, Visa fraud protection and it has 100% FDIC insurance on funds
  • No credit check
  • 22,000 in-network ATMs
  • Tons of unique card designs to choose from including Betty Paige, James Dean, Care Bears, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Breast Cancer Research, Shark Week, etc.
Mustache, very hipster.
Some cons about the card (but are quite common among prepaid cards)
  • Monthly maintenance fee of $5.95 per month - but it is waived if you have more than $800 loaded via direct deposit (ONLY direct deposit)
  • ATM cash withdrawal fee of $3.00 per transaction (both domestic and international)
  • Over the counter withdrawals $3.00 per transaction (this is when you get cash from a bank teller using your card)
  • Balance inquiry $1 per inquiry. But this is easily bypassed when you use the free app!
  • If you require a paper statement it will cost you $2 per monthly statement requested.
So, very similar to other prepaid cards. I have to say, I've used my card and I have no worries. I love the design, and even had a few people comment on it. Its hot pink and says Keep Calm with a crown on it. The card isn't available on the website at the moment, but there are other hot pink cards!  I think this card is a must have, it is worth it. 

Only thing I wish it had that it doesn't, is text alerts. The Paypal Prepaid card (yes, they have a prepaid card too) will text you when a deposit is made, when a hold is placed, when a purchase comes off, etc. You can even text it and it will tell you the balance. I personally, love that feature. Granted, the app is pretty awesome too, but that takes up space LOL.

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