Friday, September 13, 2013

Online Self Defense Classes

I came across this website, Krav Online, and thought it was perfect. Many people either don't have the time or energy (and sometimes money) to go to a self defense class in person. Well, with Krav Online, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

They teach online self defense classes for women, seniors, men and even children. Bullying is more so present today in our schools than ever, and not all of our kids would know how to defend themselves properly if someone was to lay hands on them or attack them. This class can teach our kids how to defend themselves if ever needed. It can also help our kids fend off an attacker, or at least injure them enough so they can run for help.

The classes range from $15 to $115. You can choose to receive them for one, three six or twelve months. It teaches self defense from all positions. Whether the attacker has you on the ground (or God forbid comes into you're home while you're sleeping), from behind, etc. You can view previews of the videos on the website, where they show people of all ages, both male and female, using it.

This website is definitely worth checking out. No matter who you want to use this service, they will surely gain useful information. Let's just hope we never have to use the techniques.

Check them out by visiting them here: Krav Online.

Have you ever taken a self defense class? Would you take one online?


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