Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: Aloha Island Lei's

Not too long ago, I was sent a fresh lei from Aloha Island Lei's. Now, I love everything about Hawaii. I have never been, but so badly want to go. I hope one day, I can make it there. I've watched many things on TV about Hawaii, the volcanos, etc.

Well, one of the most popular things about Hawaii, is the lei. You have seen it on every commercial, TV show or movie, when you get off the plane and land, the beautiful girls place a lei on you, and may kiss your cheek. Well, I got some of that.

Anyways, I got an email from the company asking if I wanted to receive one.. Of course I did! And they sent me a package! Inside the package, there was a card with the company info on it. And a real chocolate covered macadamia nut (it was SOOOOOO good!)
As soon as you opened it you could smell them

The back of the purple lei
Gorgeous purple flower lei. And yes, its
real flowers!

And naturally, I placed them on my kids LOL.

The flowers lasted quite a while. They can last I think it says up to a week when placed in the fridge and watered. I hung them from my desk. The aroma smelled so good. Better than any Hawaiian air freshener I've bought LOL

You can buy them for any occasion! You can check them out at

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