Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making the transition to contacts...

I have had to wear prescription glasses for a while. During my pregnancy I actually noticed my eyes got worse, and had to get a new prescription. As my old one was from at least 4 or 5 years prior. So in November, I went and got my eyes re-examined, and got a new pair of black Dolce & Gabana glasses. Purely because my insurance covered most of the costs LOL. But they are also really cute.

Anyways, since my vision insurance resets every January, I was going to go back earlier this year to get a pair of prescription sunglasses. The sun is way to bright out here in Arizona to not wear sunglasses. Well, I never went back to do that because it always seemed out of budget (insurance only covers up to a certain amount, and then I get a discount on the rest of the costs).

But then I got to thinking. If I just had contacts I could wear my favorite sunglasses that I already own. I wouldn't need to get special sunglasses. Then God forbid if I actually lost the sunglasses (which I frequently do LOL). So, I called my eye doctor, and made an appointment for two weeks from now (they are booked). I am kind of nervous. I have never liked touching my eyeballs.

Wondering if anyone has ever made the switch to contacts. How was it? Weird at first? Is it still weird? Can you roll your eyes at your husband or sister? <-- a="" brand="" can="" do="" easier="" get="" in="" is="" like="" many="" must="" nbsp="" ones="" p="" questions="" sleep="" so="" that="" the="" what="" you="">

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