Thursday, June 27, 2013

My baby boy isn't much of a baby anymore...

He will always be my baby. He is my first born. He has loved me longer. Yet, even though he will be 9 in like two weeks, he is still my baby.

Then he goes away to camp. This was his first time away from me. Ever. Usually, when he is away from me he is with family or a friend of mine. But this time, he was with people I don't really know. At camp. For 4 days. He left Tuesday morning, and will come back tomorrow, Friday. I cannot wait to see him! I know Bella will be so excited to see him again.

I have to face the fact that he is about to be 9 years old. How are you supposed to recognize this!? How can you tell that your child is growing up into a handsome young man. I can't even begin to understand how the heck I am turning 27 this year!!!! 30 is so close!

But back to the original thought. He is going to be 9. Bella will be 1 in September. My baby girl will be a toddler! Oy (not even Jewish, but I say this all the time). Do you realize how long ago I had a toddler? Am I prepared to have a pre-teen and a toddler?! Save me now.

Do you have kids with such a large age gap? How do you manage? It is really as insane as I think it will be?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Live Puzzle App Review

-I received financial compensation to give my review on this app. The review is 100% mine.-
Live Puzzle is an app available on Google Play for Android devices. This app is great for any age, as long as you love a great puzzle. It isn't your average every day puzzle though.

The puzzles here are live! They move as you try to put them together. It really is fun. Not only does my almost 9 year old son love it, but I had a blast with it. I played it on my Nexus 7, and the color and picture were clear and beautiful.

Some info about the app:
The names of the animals are written AND spoken in 10 different languages. It helps kids problem solve and helps with hand-eye coordination. There are 12 animals to discover from the same type of Indian forest as in The Jungle Book (Adventures of Mowgli). A great idea for learning would be to watch the movie, and then learn about the animals while playing the app (note: the app does not teach about the animals. You would need additional printouts).

What I absolutely love above all else, is that the app is FREE from third party advertising. There are not any in-app purchases to upgrade, it does not collect data. There is a protected parent section where you can find other apps as well as social network links and website for the creator of the app, Kidoteca.

This app is a great choice, and on Google Play it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

If you want to check out the app, feel free to do so by clicking here for Live Puzzle! Forest Animals.

Did you download the app? What do you think?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Ultimate Car Dock App

-I was paid to download, use and review this app. All opinions are honest and are of my own-

This nifty little app is available for Android devices and some tablets on Google Play. I have a Nexus 7, and you don't normally think of needing an app like this for a tablet. But, they wanted me to review it anyways. While I can't make calls or texts from my app, I can use this for navigation and music. However, to use this, I needed to use the hot spot from my phone. I must add, that this is nifty for around the house. I can plug my speakers into my tablet, and play music while cooking or cleaning. Not so bad. 

This would probably be better suited to phones, rather than tablets. Mainly because the app is designed to keep your hands free while driving. For those of you without an iPhone with Siri, you can't text or call people without having to touch your phone. This app can help keep your hands on the steering wheel, and your eyes on the road. 

The app does need permissions from your phone/tablet for use. The permissions it needs are SMS, read contacts, phone, audio, internet and bluetooth. Of course if you have a bluetooth devise you may be able to make calls/texts without this app, depending on the model you have. 

With the download you get a free 7 day trial, so it doesn't hurt to download and try it out. If you like it, pay for it, if you don't, well then delete it. 

On Google Play, the app has a 4 out of 5 stars. There are some reviews that are lower than 5 simply because it is a trial, then you have to pay. Well, my personal opinion is that the app info clearly states it is a 7 day trial.

Even though I used it on a tablet, I will rate this a 5. It is good for what it says, and is kinda cool to just tell my tablet to play my music. 

If you want to download it, click here to get started.

Did you download it? What do you think? 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Win a Macbook? I think so!

....At least I definitely am going to try. LOL.
The point of this blog post is to point you in the direction of a Macbook giveaway.... And earn myself some extra entries in the process.

The folks over at The Penny Hoarder is holding the giveaway. I suggest you go enter.... But I really hope I win.

Enter by clicking here.

That is all .
I know, it's a short post.



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