Thursday, June 27, 2013

My baby boy isn't much of a baby anymore...

He will always be my baby. He is my first born. He has loved me longer. Yet, even though he will be 9 in like two weeks, he is still my baby.

Then he goes away to camp. This was his first time away from me. Ever. Usually, when he is away from me he is with family or a friend of mine. But this time, he was with people I don't really know. At camp. For 4 days. He left Tuesday morning, and will come back tomorrow, Friday. I cannot wait to see him! I know Bella will be so excited to see him again.

I have to face the fact that he is about to be 9 years old. How are you supposed to recognize this!? How can you tell that your child is growing up into a handsome young man. I can't even begin to understand how the heck I am turning 27 this year!!!! 30 is so close!

But back to the original thought. He is going to be 9. Bella will be 1 in September. My baby girl will be a toddler! Oy (not even Jewish, but I say this all the time). Do you realize how long ago I had a toddler? Am I prepared to have a pre-teen and a toddler?! Save me now.

Do you have kids with such a large age gap? How do you manage? It is really as insane as I think it will be?


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