Friday, May 17, 2013

Wantable Makeup Box Review

-Disclaimer: I have received the product mentioned below for free in return for my honest opinion.-

Ok, by now, we have all heard of these monthly boxes that are shipped and packed with great items. There are boxes for everything, health, makeup, jewelry, kids, men, nail polish, etc. I have to admit, I've tried a couple. Julep, a monthly nail polish subscription, is a decent box with a decent price. I was Ok with it at first, but then I started to get disappointed in the polish. It chipped to easily, and just, overall started to suck. So I haven't wanted a box from them in a while because of this. I may go back, but not right now.

Another popular box is Birchbox. I've gotten those too. It is a monthly makeup subscription. I had stopped using them for a while, because I was doing Julep, and didn't want to do two boxes a month, only one. So when I recently started my subscription again, it wasn't what I expected. I was expecting a box of makeup, as I had previously (they are a makeup company!). However, I received things that those who were eating healthier than I would want. I honestly only will use one thing out of that box. Its an oil for dry skin. I've been using it on my elbows, and it works well. Otherwise, the crap in that box is just gonna collect dust. *sigh* What to do?!

Right around then, I had gotten an email from someone at Wantable, asking if I would like to try out one of their boxes. I thought, perfect timing!!! So I did. I filled out my style profile - which really just asked me what kind of makeup I liked. And then my box was shipped. It came rather quickly. Less than a week actually. I was excited to open it! Well, actually, I was nervous. I thought back to the recent Birchbox, and thought what if this isn't what I like? What if they send me colors I don't like?! But I opened it, and I fell in love!


Right off the back - there are so many FULL SIZE items! Birchbox often sends samples. But this. Wow! Full size!
There is a sample from Frownies for use to help with wrinkles and bags under the eyes. It says you can reuse them for I think 4x, but you have to have their rosewater in order to do so. So this, for me, will be one time use.
Lip Color Pot
But hey, if its good and gets rid of my under eye puffs, I will probably go order some.

This lip color pot from Cailyn is really nice. It isn't too sticky feeling, and after a moment when it dries you don't even notice it. However, it will come off on drinks and silverware while eating. I had yogurt with it on, it was on the spoon, then in my yogurt LOL.

The Color Club nail polish was so hard to get a good picture of. The color is really pink, and I love pink. This will be what I put on when I do my next pedicure (probably sometime this week LOL). I really do love this color, and can't wait to wear it. I love bright, bold colors.

Darla green eyeshadow. Has a sparkle in it
you can't see in the pic.

This green eyeshadow has a sparkle that you cannot see in the picture! It is a really light color, but when paired with a primer (I used Nyx eye primer) and it seemed to show a little better. This isn't something you would wear when you want to make a statement. This is perfect for an understated, or even natural look (without primer/base).  I love the shimmer in it, and it is a very summery color. It reminds me of my birthstone, peridot. This can make green or brown eyes really pop. 

This here. Wow. I never even heard of these brands before. And I can say that I love this color. When it goes on it isn't really shiny like a gloss, more like a matte, which is trending right now. This can be by itself, or paired with a clear or similar colored gloss over top. The brush actually is part of the cap. Its really handy so when you are out, it is easy to apply!

Cailyn double sided eyeshadow pencil.
This eyeshadow pencil is fabulous. I love the color. One side is just silver, the other side is a glittery silver. The glittery side I have used under my eyes and in the inside corners of looks, to give it a little pop. It really is great. 

From Lavera is an eyeliner in brown.

Now, I haven't used this eyeliner yet, but I plan to when I go out wtih my husband for a solo birthday dinner for him (just us, no kids LOL). I am going to pair it with a neutral colored eyeshadow, and black mascara (probably my Nyx Doll Eyes). Can't decide if I want to do a neutral lip, or a bright lip using one of the lip colors from this box!

Now, if makeup isn't your thing, they also have a jewelry box! You can order a monthly subscription of the hottest accessories. I haven't had the chance to see one in person, but I think I may have to order a box and see!

The subscriptions run for $40 a month, or you can do a recurring subscription for $36 a month. It is worth it. You get a list with or order that tells you how much each item retails for. My box, if I were to buy everything, would be around $90! uhh, yea, I love me some discounts! And it introduces me to brands I haven't heard of before, or brands I was curious about. You can skip a month if you need to. If you want to sign up, click one of the links or ads and let me know what you think of your first box! I guarantee you will like it!



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