Sunday, April 7, 2013

Teething... Ear infection?

Tomorrow we will be going to a doc (probably urgent care since it's Sunday) to have Bella seen. Poor baby. I know she has her first tooth coming in, but she also shows signs of an ear infection. It sucks because my car is still not running at the moment (two damn sensors need replaced) and so I gotta have my mom take me  and Bella in the afternoon.

She hasn't eaten much, but I have been squirting water in her mouth. I've been using one of her bottles with the medium flow nipple on it and squirting the water into her cheek area. When she has her binky on, I'll drop it in on the side through the hole (we have Nuk paci's for 6+ months). She doesn't like it all too well, but she needs some liquids in her! She did drink a very watered down 4oz bottle of apple juice. I actually managed to give her about 6 oz of it. Other than that, she doesn't want any formula. :(  Poor baby. I hope she feels better soon.  I don't remember Eric acting like this when he was teething.
Poor Bella. Sleep on the couch in only her diaper,
wrapped in a small, light blanket. One of the few moments
she slept without being on me. :(

I'll update once I know something.


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