Sunday, April 7, 2013

New language of mess

(This post is sponsored. The content and thoughts are my own.)

The new language of mess is coming from Clorox. They have a new Icktionary. It is for those words that you use to describe the messiest of messes. You know, the diaper blow out when the baby ate a new food, or that backed up toilet that had your kids toys, and other things, in it. Or that time when your kid decided to mix a few foods together that didn't belong together, just to see what it would look like. Yea, we have all been there! Those times call for new words. Gross just won't cut it anymore. neither will yucky. It's a new breed of grossness out there, and for that, we have the Clorox Icktionary.

The Clorox Icktionary is a dictionary of all these new words that moms have made up. It captures the "every-day over-the-top" situations that just about everyone can relate to. The Clorox Icktionary will also help you figure out what cleaner can help you clean the Applesauce off the ceiling fan.

The two words I submitted to the Clorox Icktionary were:
Goobs - unidentifiable grossness.
Uber-ucky - when something is super yucky.
These words are words I have used, mainly with my son. It explains some of the messes he has made in his almost 9 years, and I'm sure I will be using these with baby Bella soon enough. Some of her diapers have been goob diapers... Well, OK, uber-yucky too.

Thinking back to when Eric was a baby, OMG, it was crazy! He was such a typical boy! There was one time, where he pooped and decided he was gonna play in it. It was ALL over his crib! The sides, the mattress, HIM! Oh it was so gross! I can't even tell you how I cleaned it because I can't remember! I just hope Bella doesn't decide to do that. Eww. Its bad enough that right now she has a bit of diarrhea and that's just gross. But she is getting better, and hopefully that all stops soon.

The Clorox Icktionary features words of the week, so  you can see words that others have made up, and while you're there, you can get a coupon for $0.75 off any Clorox product. You can also submit your own words, and learn how to clean up the ick. You can also interact with the words and play games for the chance to win a $25 prize!

Clorox is my go-to cleaning product for most things. Especially bad messes. I love the Clorox wipes, you can never have enough of them. I use them mostly for the counters, they work really good.

You can visit the Clorox Icktionary here (you can also click the sidebar widget to the right if you want). If you  make up any words, comment and tell me what words you made up!


You can like Clorox by clicking here: 

(This post is sponsored. The content and thoughts are my own.)

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