Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Berenstain Bears DVD review

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I got the opportunity to receive some movies for my son. We received the Berenstain Bears DVD box set. It is the 50th anniversary edition, which includes 3 DVDs. The 3 movies in it are Celebrations,  Homework Help and Bear Country. I can't believe anyone still sells these movies. I used to watch them as a kid, and I will be 27 later this year. My son, who is currently 8, never saw or heard of these. Then I told him that I used to watch them as a kid, and so did daddy. That made him interested, as we have introduced him to some old school cartoons. My husband introduced him to Inspector Gadget and Thundercats, and I've shown him cartoons on one of the Nickelodeon channels, when they have their 90's shows on. Shows like Angry Beavers and what not. We also watch some old school Cartoon Network like Animaniacs and Tom and Jerry. So anyways, we let him watch these, and I love that they are learning cartoons. They are cute, and fun, and teach something, unlike a lot of shows today.

My son liked it so much, he wanted to watch it again and again. I hope that some of the lessons instill something positive in him, and that he actually learns from these lessons, not just mindlessly stare at the TV lol. I also hope to pass these on to my daughter. 

Berenstein Bears also teaches another language, French. Nowadays, shows either are in English, or English and Spanish. I like that it teaches French, because it isn't something that is commonly heard. At least not here in Arizona. Also, did you know that Michael Cerra (Superbad, Juno) is the voice of Brother Bear!? I had no idea! Nice to know though.

You can buy this box set at Walmart for $29.99.
You can also check out Phase 4 Films or Kaboom Entertainment for more information

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