Monday, April 8, 2013

Update on Bella.

So I took her to the ER yesterday. She had a 101 fever, and has a double ear infection. Poor baby. They gave her Motrin as a suppository (in her butt) and gave her Zofran for the vomiting. she got drops in her ears for the ear infections. Poor baby. By time we left, she drank 4oz of Pedialyte, and fell asleep comfortably. 

After we got home, she threw up a little more, but eventually was able to keep it down after taking the 2nd pill of Zofran (dissolves in the mouth). We have ibuprofen and amoxicillin for her to take for the next ten days. Today she had about 8oz of formula, and is not comfortably napping. My sister brought us some Pedialyte, which she drank a little of before falling asleep. She also has diarrhea. Poor thing. She is also teething with that lower front right tooth coming in.

But when she is awake, she isn't too cranky unless she is hungry or needs a change. Other than that, she is all smiles. Nice to see my baby back to her normal self. Well, off to eat some late lunch.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Making baby wipes!

So in no way do I call myself a "natural" mom, or someone who is into naturals and being green and what not. While I do try to do my part, conserve energy, gas, etc, I am not exactly green.

Currently, my car isn't working, which is hard on us not being able to get what we need, when we need it. And I realized today that Bella needed wipes! She is really low on our last pack, and it didn't hit me till today. So, I posted on my Facebook about how it sucks not having a car when you need wipes. My friend then says "make your own".. And I'm like, how?! So my aunt then comments with a link to Blessed by Brenna where she talks about how she makes her own baby wipes  out of paper towels, baby wash, baby oil and water. I thought, OMG I have all this! So, I started off trying to make my own! After about ten minutes, I noticed that the liquid mixture wasn't soaking up all the way, only about halfway. So I had to add a little more water/soap/oil mix. And BOOM it all soaked up. I haven't had to use them yet, but I can't wait to try! And the best part, they smell like her bath wash, Vanilla Oatmeal from Johnsons. Mmm. I love that baby wash. I am happy my aunt posted the link, and thankful that it was on Blessed by Brenna. Not only did I get a great recipe, I found a beautiful blog that I can follow :) The story is touching.

If you are looking to make your own wipes, check out the recipe on Blessed by Brenna by clicking here.



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