Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Freelancer? Make some money selling your gigs/work

Gigserr is the perfect alternative to Fiverr for many reasons. Some of these reasons include the fact that you can earn more than just $5 for a gig. You can create a gig for $5, or up to $1,000. There are more categories offered such as Silly Stuff. This is great for freelance writers who are able to do more than just a $5 article. Many professional, experienced freelance writers won't take anything less than one cent ($0.01) per word. Gigserr allows writers to offer longer articles, or bigger jobs for the appropriate cost.

Gigserr also offers categories such as Gift Ideas, Bizarre, and Silly Stuff. This makes categorizing your gig that much easier. The Gigserr blog offers tips on how to sell your gig. Some tips include uploading a relevant image, have a description that is informative, but short, and to offer a quick turn around time.

On Gigserr you can also trade gigs with another member. This is great for those who have new accounts and the gigs are priced the same. You can help each other attract new customers by giving each other a good review of the service.

When signing up with Gigserr you should know you may not make a full time, or even part time income. However, you can make some extra money by doing what you know how to do. You can offer a variety of services on the site, from making videos in a certain costume, drawing a picture for someone, selling your homemade gifts, or even writing songs for people. The best part is you can price them for more than just the standard $5 offered at Fiverr. At Gigserr you can price them accordingly.

Alternately, if you are looking for a specific gig, Gigserr offers the option to suggest jobs. You can type in what you are looking for and put how much you want to pay and someone who is qualified can see it and send you a message. Gigserr is the perfect alternative to Fiverr, especially for those who have had a not-so-great experience on Fiverr.

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