Monday, August 27, 2012

The Ultimate 'Push Present' - Juno Lucina diamond Pendant Giveaway!

There is a GIANT giveaway going on right now! A Juno Lucina diamond pendant. This can be used as a "push present". If you don't know what a push present is, its a ridiculous way for new moms to get an expensive present. LOL. For me, the baby is the ultimate present, but some moms want something a bit more extravagant for after they push out their baby (me, all I want is Seattles Best Coffee from BK LOL). 

Check out the giveaway! Enter now!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Get Back to School with Tiny Prints... And a Giveaway!

For most of the country, the kids are back in school already! Can you believe the summer is gone!? Here in Arizona, my son went back late July, and the summer truly felt short, but it was fun while it lasted. So many people are still doing  back to school shopping, and besides just the stuff that you buy from Walmart and Target, there are other things you should consider as well.  (Giveaway below!!!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

App Review: Voice Answer for iPhone/iPad

I purchased the app on the iTunes App Store called Voice Answer. It an interesting app, claiming to rival Siri and is available for iPad, as well as the versions of the iPhone that don't have Siri on it, and even the iPod touch users can use it.
Here's what I think about it....

Safeway trip: Saved 68%!!!

Many of my friends and family know my husband works at Safeway. So we usually shop there because we get the extra perk of using my husbands work discount (which is 10% off Safeway brand items - even food!) Well, this trip, nothing purchased was Safeway brand, so no extra 10% discount, but I did have coupons, and I did save a bunch! I spent  $16.52, but saved $31.27 with coupons/store deals!!! Here's what I did!

CVS shopping trip - saved over 50%

The other night I saw some good deals in the CVS ad.. and I haven't shopped at CVS much, but I def wanted to try my hand and see if I could do as good as I see some other couponers do... I don't think I did as good as them, but I think I did pretty decent!  Take a look...

OK. So before taxes and coupons, both transactions together totaled $66.46 (before tax). After coupons/discounts, the total came to $31.46 (before tax). That's just a little over 50%!  Here's what I did...

Maybelline Baby Lips: Pink Punch

At a recent CVS trip, I purchased a few different makeup items. I haven't tried any of these before, so I thought what a great way to start adding beauty posts to this blog. I've been trying to figure out if I wanted to have a separate blog for makeup/beauty, but then I thought, why? Why not keep it all together?! So, here is my little independent review of Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch.

Maybelline Baby Lips: Peppermint w/ SPF 20

I bought this recently on a shopping trip to CVS. I keep seeing advertisements for it, and figured, why not? Its not terribly expensive, and they claim to help make your lips softer, so sure! Lets try it.


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