Friday, November 30, 2012

Dino Lingo–teaching language to kids

This is the cutest little video! There is a bunch of introductory type videos on YouTube for Dino Lingo. I showed my son Spanish, since we live in Arizona it would be wise for us to learn Spanish LOL. I also showed him Japanese and Greek. Wow. He seemed interested, not sure if he will pay attention, but I would definitely try this with my daughter.

The Greek one was interesting, to see the letters, and how each letter is pronounced, it was pretty interested. I think for us, Spanish would be easier to learn, to me it is closest to English, and a little easier to learn (or so I hope). It would be cool to see a sign language one like this, but I guess there already is one – Baby Einstein.

This is cute, and I think I may be getting the Spanish one to see if my kids can learn it. It would be beneficial to them. I am not too sure of any other language learning programs for kids, so this is top on my list in that category. I just think the graphics are a little plain. Kids these days expect good cartoons and graphics, like top of the line LOL. But it is still a good program.

Check out the Spanish one I viewed here, or check out some others on the Dino Lingo site.

What do you think about it?


*Disclaimer- I viewed my complimentary clip through Influenster.

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