Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Days of Thanks: Days 7-13! (playing catch up!)

I've been slipping! Its hard to try to balance work and sleep with a baby! I work from home so it makes life easy, but it is also still hard trying to balance. Plus helping my 8 year old with homework. Housework has completely fallen behind since I had the baby 2 months ago! lol
So I left off on Day 6. Lets play catch up!

Day 7: I am thankful for my right to vote. Women had to go through a lot in order to be able to vote. And it's scary to think it wasn't that long ago! So, I am thankful that I can cast my vote for local, state and federal positions. I am thankful that I can do this even in the comfort of my own home weeks before the actual election day.

Day 8: Thankful for a dirty house - this means my kids are getting my attention, my kids are happy, and they have fun (well, the baby doesn't yet, but still). It means there is food in the house when there are dirty dishes, and dirty clothes means we have enough to wear!

Day 9: I am thankful that I can work from home. I am so happy that I can stay home with my baby and I don't have to leave her in a daycare. It's so different from when I had my son, but I was going to college at that time, but still! I love being with her all day. I love seeing her develop and get smarter, and bigger! It's amazing. I know there are a lot of people that wish they could stay home, so I do not take it for granted... OK, maybe at times I do, but still, I am so very thankful I can stay home with her .

Day 10: I am thankful for the few close friends I have. I have made many friends over the years, and only a few are still there today. I have friends that I try to keep in contact with from high school, old jobs, and local. Only 2 or 3 I can actually talk about real stuff with, the rest are what I consider acquaintances, or people that I couldn't rely on if I needed to. Those who are close to me, you know who you are. We have have deep conversations, and I know that I can use your shoulder if I need to, and you know mine have a spot for you.

Day 11: I am so very thankful I can breastfeed!!! I am on almost 9 weeks of breastfeeding! I am so very thankful that I can do it this time around. As I said in a previous post, I couldn't with my son. I also didn't have much support with it, so I just gave up. So Happy that I can do this for my daughter. I know it's best. I know there are some who can't and wish they could. I am very greatful.

Day 12: I am thankful for our medical insurance. I know some people don't have any, or if they do it isn't as good as ours. We have amazing insurance benefits from the Union my husband belongs to with Safeway (United Food & Commercial Workers). Before we started seeing the benefits of the union, I was against it. I worked at Walmart and they tell you all the "bad" things the union does, but in all honesty, Walmart would BENEFIT from it!!! Seriously! My husband has had steady raises since he started 4 years ago, and is making almost as much as my mom who has been at Walmart for 8 years! So in half the time he makes just as much... Hmm. But our benefits come in handy when we are sick, or like I need to do soon - get new glasses!

Day 13:  I am thankful for my mechanical friends!!! OMG without you I would have paid a fortune for my spark plugs to get fixed! I am so happy that I know someone, and my mom knows someone. And I was able to have my plugs replaced -- all 8 of them! Granted it was cold out, and rainy, but it got done, and I am very grateful for HER for doing them. Yupp, a girl! The best kind of mechanic! They understand when I say thingamajig or thingy. LOL

What are you thankful for?!


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