Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 6 of breastfeeding, and a baby update!

I still cannot believe that only 6 weeks ago I had my baby! Time sure does fly! I also can't believe that I am still breastfeeding! I could only have hoped to make it this far. I had struggled early on, but we found our way, and we are great! Baby girl is getting so efficient at latching on and doing a great job nursing. 
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I do also pump. I have rather large boobs, so trying to find a hands free pumping bra in my size was damn near impossible. I have found one, but at the time it's just out of budget. So I made my own. I took an old Cacique Bra from Lane Bryant that the wire broke in. I marked with a sharpie where my nipples are in the bra, and then cut an X across it. I put the flange in from the inside, place my nipple in the right spot, and then put it through the cut out. Attach the rest of the parts, and turn it on! Amazing! lol It was so nice to sit there and not have to hold the part on my boob! And, pumped both at the same time. What could normally take 20+ mins, only took 10. Excited. 

The only problem I am having is that I nurse her off the left way more then the right. The right doesn't like to be used to breastfeed. Pumping is OK, but nursing, nope. It doesn't cooperate very often (flat and oval is that nipple LOL). I occasionally drink Mothers Milk tea, and try to eat oatmeal often (both are to increase supply), but I think its only helping the left side! I have resolved to attempt to pump the right side more often. I used to be able to get 2-3 oz from it. But then slipped and now only get maybe an ounce... :(  So I figure if i pump it more often, I'll make more milk. 

Update on baby! 
When she was born she was 7lbs 1oz. When we left the hospital she was down to 6lbs 9oz, which is normal. Well, at her 1 week appointment (which was actually 2 days after she was 1wk) she was up to 6lbs 13oz and still at 19inches long. Well, at her 5 week appointment - she was 8lbs 6oz and 22 inches long! I am so happy! Even though she still looks really small, and can still fit newborn onesies (newborn pants are actually too big lol). Her 0-3mos clothes are mostly too big, but it seems that Gerber makes them smaller, so the Gerber onesies fit her well. Most of everything else is still a bit big. And it kills me cuz some have tutus attached! And I so cannot wait for her to wear those! 

She also has this heat rash or baby acne all over her face. It kills me! I want her face to be clear and perfect like it was! The doctor said not to worry it goes away. So no lotions on her face. I am trying to wash her face off with baby soap and warm water every other day or so. 

Speaking of baths, she actually likes them now! At first, she screamed! Now, she starts to kick and realizes that its  fun lol. She doesn't scream anymore during a bath. She only cries a bit afterwards... I'm assuming because she is cold (duh). 

Otherwise, she is doing really well! She has already turned from tummy to back, and does it just about every time that we put her down for tummy time. She smiles, and coos and ahhs. Its so freaking cute! 

I'll update on her again in a few weeks :)


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