Monday, October 29, 2012

What's your style?

According to Julep, I am Classic with a Twist. I guess sometimes that's about right. Other times, well, it depends on my mood.

Have you heard about Julep? If not, your missing out. You get $40 worth of nail care and sometimes beauty items for only $20 a month. You can skip a month if you wish, as not every month will have something you want. It is great because with the holidays coming, you can gift subscriptions, or buy a box and give it to someone you know. The colors right now match the upcoming holidays, so Novembers box has beautiful fall and Thanksgiving colors.

You can get your first box for only a penny! Shipping is always free.  Go to the Julep website, and click Become a Maven. It will ask you questions and try to determine your style (of course, if you don't like what your given, you can chose another).  When you get to the final page, and are ready to order your box, it will tell you that it is $19.99, but don't worry, we got a code for that! Add the box to the cart and create an account. It will take you back to cart.  Enter one of the codes below, and enter your state in the shipping area and the total comes down to $0.01.

You can also earn Jules. You earn Jules a variety of ways. These Jules will get you free boxes or free add-ons. Referring people, adding more to your box, on your birthday, on your anniversary of becoming a Maven, etc. There are more on their FAQ page (once you sign up).

So go here and take your style quiz. Enter one of the following codes to get your first box for only a penny:
JULEPVIP, PENNY, COLOR2012.  This is good for first time/new customers only!

Here are my previous posts on Julep and some boxes I have received:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 6 of breastfeeding, and a baby update!

I still cannot believe that only 6 weeks ago I had my baby! Time sure does fly! I also can't believe that I am still breastfeeding! I could only have hoped to make it this far. I had struggled early on, but we found our way, and we are great! Baby girl is getting so efficient at latching on and doing a great job nursing. 
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Premama Prenatal Drink Mix

I have posted about Premama before (see blog post here). It is a prenatal pill that is in powder drink mix form. You can mix it in with any juice you like. It really doesn't add any other flavors to it. But if you were to drink it in water, you would taste a ginger taste.

For pregnant women, it helps get rid of nausea since there is ginger in it. And we all know that morning sickness isn't just mornings. I actually love drinking it with grape juice, but have had it with apple juice too.

You don't have to be pregnant to take this. If your taking a daily multivitamin, you can take this instead. Breastfeeding moms can benefit just as much.

Premama is 100% natural and if your counting calories, only has 6 of them. It has everything a pregnant or breastfeeding mama could need, want and hope for. It has the recommended Folic Acid, Iron and DHA. It also helps your digestive system so that way you can spend less time in the bathroom (why practice pushing now?).

I think its great that you can take it with you on the go. If you plan to be out around the time you would normally take it, you can throw it in your purse, and go.

The only downfall - its not available by Rx. But you can buy it online (See below for discount).
Now, you may ask is it FDA approved, and here is what their website states:
"Premama and many other prenatal supplements are over-the-counter (OTC). They fall under the 'supplement' category and do not require FDA approval. Facilities at which Premama is produced and packaged are FDA-approved for the nutrients they handle, their cleanliness, and their conduct. They are also USP Verified."

There are traces of milk and soybean. But I am lactose intolerant and I was fine. There are only trace amounts, so unless your severely allergic, you should be fine. Premama is free of nuts, gluten, egg, fish, shellfish, sulfite and tree nut. Also note, they are certified Kosher pareve by the OU, and there is no BPA in the packaging.

Think you want to order? Well, if you order online at and use code JENNIFER2012 you will get a 10% discount on your order. 
Alternativly, if you live in an area where they are sold locally (hopefully soon it will be everywhere!), you can buy it in person. I don't think you get a discount that way though. To check out where you can buy locally, visit their list of retailers.

Do you take Premama? Don't you just love it!?


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Have you heard of a site called Influenster? It's a great website where you can review products you may use every day. And, if your chosen, you may get to review a box of products - for free. I have yet to be chosen, but I haven't been a member very long. The more you do on the site, the more your chances increase (write reviews, ask questions, share on social media, etc). They will send you an email letting you know that you are in the running, and need to take a quick little questionnaire to make sure your a good fit for it. I just took a survey (my first one I might add) so hoping I get this one :)

They just recently had a site makeover. The colors are bolder, the site is easier to navigate, and there are many, many ways to earn badges. There are several different types of badges, such as Mother Bear, Do-Good-Er, Catnip, Bow-Wow, Boomer, Collegiate, Blushing Bride and Wellness. Its pretty easy to figure out what each badge is for, and what products may be in it. 

I like the site - I think I'll like it a whole lot more once I start getting boxes (which they call VoxBoxes). Best of all, its free! 

You should sign up, for free, here: Influenster.


I was not paid to make this post,  nor do I receive anything to do so.  Just earning my relaunch badge. The thoughts here on this post are my own. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Christmas is coming! (Post+Giveaway)

Ok, so I think I just heard a collective "OMG Let's get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first!!!" And I am totally with you on that -- but only when it comes to Christmas decorations. Otherwise, it is the perfect time to start buying presents, and Christmas or Holiday cards and what not.

The announcements I
just ordered recently.
I was just telling my husband the other day that we should do our own Christmas cards this year, and put the kids pictures on it! I already have a really cute babies first Christmas onesie set that she can go in (of course, I do also plan on buying her a cute Christmas dress, but the onesie is for her to sleep in!). And I think that it would be super cute to put her in that for pictures for a Christmas card!

I just ordered announcements from Tiny Prints, and oh my gosh, they were so cute! I think they came out perfectly. I couldn't have been happier. So, I thought why not use them again for the Christmas cards?! I just went through and saved like 20 different designs to my favorites! I can't decide which one I want to do! There are so many different ones to chose from. Holiday cards, Christmas cards, even ones that you can put photos on! I just cannot wait to get these done - but I gotta wait for the baby to get a bit bigger so that she can fit the Chrismas outfit (for 0-3mos, and I'm thinking she won't fit it too well until we get closer to December)...

This is cute - would put both
kids on it.

I really love this one.
Here are a few of the ones I was looking at.... Which is one you would use?
But this one is cute too...

You should know: Tiny Prints has a Special Offers page with really great discounts!

Do you do your own Christmas/Holiday cards? Do you do photo cards? You should check out and make your own Holiday Photo Cards.

TIny Prints is going to help you out this Holiday season! Enter below to get $50 off your total order (not including tax/shipping, cannot be combined with any other offers).

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Saturday, October 6, 2012


It is something I was unable to do with my son 8 years ago. Partly because I was 17, and mostly uneducated about breastfeeding. I knew that it was best, and that if the baby nursed only a few times, that was still really good! We had latching difficulties on one breast, and I just gave up. I didn't fight it, it didn't hurt my feelings, I just said "Oh well, its not working" and went to formula. I did this in the hospital. Back then there weren't hospital nurses who cared so much about breastfeeding that they were willing to help. Also, my mom didn't breastfeed my sister and I, and couldn't offer much support or tips or anything. So, I did what any frustrated teenager would do: give up.

But this time. I am 26 years old (which is the same age my mom had her 2nd, my sister). I am more informed about breastfeeding, my husband (whom I met after my son was born) is super supportive, and so is many people I know. I admit, I had a rough time for a short while. In the hospital I gave an ounce of formula to my baby because my nipple hurt so bad, and I just couldn't bring myself to let her nurse from it. I was crying, and the nurse helped me out. That nurse later helped me get a good latch with the baby, and showed me what I did wrong and how I could make it work. She was so helpful!

After we got home, it still went pretty easy. Then we hit a rough patch at about 2 weeks. She wanted to nurse for what felt like all the time. She was using me as a pacifier. I hear that is normal, but it wasn't to me, and it hurt! She was nursing so much, that it was as if my nipples were raw. I couldn't handle it. I gave in and gave her some formula in between nursings to try to get her more full and to hopefully let my nipples breathe. I went and rented a breast pump (hospital grade from WIC), and that helped, but I wasn't pumping enough to get her full at a feeding. I would still have to either put her on, or give her formula. She didn't have much of it at all -in fact, the can I used (Enfamil for Newborns) is still mostly full!

I felt really bad about giving her formula. When she would look at me while I fed her formula, it was as if she knew the difference. Her eyes just said "Mommy, what is this? It tastes funny". I cried about it. I didn't want to do it, but at the same time, my nipples hurt so bad that I would cry through her nursing. I felt like a failure. I didn't understand why something so natural hurt so bad. Why would something so natural, be so hard?! Women have been feeding their children from their breasts since people started walking the Earth. So why was it so damn difficult for me? Well, when I went to my two week checkup (I had a c-section), my doctor asked if I had any post partum blues or depression. I told her that I didn't think I did, but that my husband was worried -- and then I broke down. I cried in the doctors office and told her what was going on. She reassured me and said that she went through the exact same thing. She knew exactly how I felt, and what I was going through. She gave me some encouraging words, tips, and told me that it is OK if I chose to give formula to the baby. That made me feel better. I have to say though, the thought of giving up breastfeeding this time around was a lot harder than it was with my son. And I think this is mainly because now I was educated. And I don't want to spend a crap load of money on formula! Also, she spit up - only a little - with formula. But never with breast milk. I felt bad that I was giving my baby something that made her too full and she didn't know when to stop and would throw up. It hurt my heart.

But, some how, I got stronger. I pumped a bit more, which seemed to help heal my nipples. And now, at 3.5 weeks, I haven't given her any formula at all for almost a week. We did realize though that in order to stop her from always using me as a pacifier (one night was literally from 11:30pm to almost 5am) that I needed to give her a binky. I hated that idea, but when the first night it worked wonders (almost 5 hours of sleep, then 4 hrs, and fed for 15 mins between each one) I decided that she gets to keep it. I still hold her and love her and cuddle with her. But at the same time, mommy wants to eat, and use the bathroom, and I have to work a little during the week too. I need a little time to myself to be able to do these things. And if a paci helps, then we must use a paci. and you know what --- I am OK with that!

And I have to say, the Similac Simply Smart bottle, has really been a help for when I give her breast milk that I've pumped. She takes to it really well, and doesn't seem to know the difference. (I wish they paid me to say that, but they didn't)

I have learned that like my birth plan, my "baby plan" isn't going as planned! And that it is OK to stray away from what I originally had intended. Not everything goes as planned, and we must do what works best for us. I don't know how long I'll breastfeed for. I am hoping I can make it to 6 mos at least. And then maybe just pump from there. Who knows, maybe I'll go a whole year or more!? I am just excited I made it past 2 days, and 1 week, and 2 weeks, and now past 3 weeks. I will take it one step at a time, and see how it goes. That's how you gotta take life anyways, right?

What are your breastfeeding experiences? Does any of my post sound familiar? Sound off in the comments!



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